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On average how many laws do you break a week?

Asked by Mat74UK (4662points) September 15th, 2010

ie: Speeding, not stopping at a stop sign, not indicating when changing lanes, smoking weed, drinking under age, parking in a disabled spot, cycling on the pavement/sidewalk, smoking where it is forbidden…....etc, etc
Please feel free to add some more, you need not specify which if you so desire.
I don’t believe that many people will go a whole week without breaking one law somehow, to do so will mean staying in your own home for the duration and then can you be certain.

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I plead the 5th.

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I thought none until i had read your added details, then i kinda wet red and started to stutter and….Ok Raises hand but won’t say how many!

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Other than aggressive driving I’m pretty law abiding. Or is flipping the bird at asshole drivers illegal?

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I’m pretty good about following traffic laws, though I often catch myself not signalling when coming out of a merge lane. I guess I figure the 15 “Hey, jackass, there’s a merge lane here!” cautionary signs are signal enough.

Other than that…

I have a fire pit in my backyard, and I use it. I’m pretty sure there’s a burn ban on.
We occasionally have parties that violate the sound ordinance.
We have a truck that isn’t tagged. Not our fault, the DMV is jerking us around in their twilight zone of paperwork.
My dog isn’t licensed, because holy crap have you ever tried to get a non-neutered puppy licensed? It’s like $300! Eff that. It’s not like he goes anywhere, anyway.

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I used to live overseas in a country with fairly strict policing. We foreigners realized that at any moment, we were violating some law and could be arrested for: walking out of the house to get the mail without our papers, not sorting trash properly, parking too close to the curb, or too far away, or pretty much anything.

There are many similar laws in the US relating to your home or car. Are you carrying something that might be considered illegal? Gasoline in the trunk (bomb making equipment) a knife in your pocket or glove box (concealed weapon)

A police officer can follow any car for a few minutes and find a violation that would be difficult to defend against: lane wandering, no turn signal, signaling too late or too early, unsafe speed – too high or low,crossing the yellow line while making a turn.
It is endless.

I’m speeding on the highway I have to stop texting now and finish this whiskey. I don’t want to be in violation of the open container law. I’ll just throw it out the window. Oops! Sorry kid.

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I have been known to do a little over the speed limit, which on our A-roads is 70mph. Only on the A-roads mind you or the motorway :-/ not every day.
I always stop at junctions, I always indicate when moving over, my smoking weed days are all but over, drinking under age,,,,well yeah we all did it!! :-/
Never use a disabled bay, been a long time since I rode a bike..
And in fact I am housebound at the moment due to a mild stomach infection that’s laid me up for the last three days….. I’m not sure if I’m breaking any laws but I’m sure using up the toilet paper! :-/ fast.

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I sometimes feel the need to break the Mother in laws neck!! Does that count? :¬)

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The other day, my husband and I saw a guy get pulled over. My husband was shocked. I was not. “What did he do!”

I just kind of blinked at him. “You mean you didn’t know it was illegal to change lanes within 70 feet of an intersection?”

My husband’s been driving for 25 years, and never knew that was a law. I am no longer surprised when I see people wandering in the intersection. Frustrated yes, but not surprised.

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None of those you mentioned. Now that i hardly drive anymore (my husband enjoys driving so does the driving whenever we go out – i think i’ve driven only twice since Dec 09!), i don’t break any laws. :) I suppose i was guilty of speeding here and there, but nothing too serious. I don’t know of any other laws that i could be breaking, that i can think of right now.

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Just speeding, rolling stops, if I’m late, reckless driving (that’s 30 over, right?), talking on the phone sometimes, and texting.

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I shave, text, eat a ham sandwich, channel surf, balance a hot cup of coffee in my lap while doing a rolling stop at stop signs on my way to work every morning.

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I just thought of something. Do you know the blue laws in your state? I’m not married, love oral sex, and a few other illicit pleasures. Oral is illegal in some states, as is cohabitting. Think that one through.

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Plead the 5th.

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I don’t drive at all, and actually I can’t think of any law I’ve broken in years. I used to smoke weed but haven’t done so in about 6 years and that’s the only thing I can think of.

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I don’t drive, so I can’t say I’m guilty of any traffic laws….. I might jay-walk a bit? I drank a beer in the car this summer(I was the passenger), but I had to be told it was ok….it’s not against the law here, but it felt like such a guilty pleasure! I might break some copyright laws now and then when I use someone’s artwork on something…but I do try to be careful and make sure stuff I use is public domain. I watch clips on line that might be uploaded illegally. Is that illegal?

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I’m constantly breaking the laws of nature. Does that count?

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The only one for me would be speeding sometimes. I try really hard to make sure I’m not speeding though. Every now and then I’ll catch myself, but it’s not that often. I don’t break any other traffic laws. I don’t smoke and I’m over 21, so no issues there. I don’t drink and drive. I don’t litter.

Getting in trouble with the law could be bad for my career and my husband’s career, so I do my best to obey the laws.

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I barely even jaywalk. Lord…I’m lame…

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Rolling “stops” (although just barely). I slow down enough to check both ways, before proceeding. Of course, riding my bike, I just blow on through intersections. I’m not going to stop every block and lose all my momentum.

Cell phone while driving. I actually got stopped for that one. I thought the cops were only supposed to stop you for something else. Maybe that’s why he didn’t cite me. Now I have earbuds.

I speed of course, but usually no more than 10 to 15 miles above the speed limit.

I wish I had something more exciting, but that’s all I can think of. I will ride my bike on a sidewalk occasionally, but that’s legal in my part of town. It’s just illegal downtown. Not that anyone ever enforces it. Periodically they make a fuss about it, but no one ever enforces it.

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Virginia or West Virginia used to have a law that described an indecent act as a sex act that required more energy than it took to wind a watch.

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I am guilty of speeding once in a while on the highway. but other than that, Clean as a Whistle. Now had you asked me this question during my College years…............

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Oh.. laws of NATURE! that’s another thing. I defy gravity all the time. And laws of thermodynamics…. I have a stare that will freeze my son in his tracks when he’s getting into something he shouldn’t. Does that count?

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@Adirondackwannabe If you shake it more than twice, you’re playing with it?

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I constantly jaywalk. Maybe 20–30 times a week.

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Jaywalking, Driving with Headphones, U-Turn Across a Double-Yellow Line – Mmmm…that’s about it for traffic violations. I used to speed, but gave that up after losing my license for six months over ten years ago.

Nothing else really. No drugs, no alcohol, no theft. I’m pretty boring.

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I’m guilty of littering when I throw my cigarette butts out the window while driving.

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@AmWiser I hate you.

It’s nothing personal, I just say that whenever I see someone throwing cigarette butts out their window. It’s good enough for your lungs, but not your ashtray? Really?

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You might as well consider me an outlaw.

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Insofar as I am able, I try to obey all the laws, even those that try to abrogate the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. I do think, however, that every law, except the Constitution, should have a sunset provision so that unless the legislature renews the law, it will automatically disappear from the books.

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I make it a point to run the three stop signs nearest my house every day. ( if you saw them you would understand) Here (in TX) it seems to be a general contest to do the most outrageous last-second,-most lanes,-no-signal,-how-many-people-can-i-cut-off-at-once lane changes…Some real winners here. Or you can play lets-stay-in-the-slow-lane-and-prevent-people-from-merging-onto-the-freeway game

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@BluRhino There’s also the ever popular pass a car on the left next to a merge lane so they’re trapped in the slow lane and have no place to go while someone else is trying to merge.

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I totally forgot that tossing a cigarette is pretty much littering.

Therefore, I revise my answer. On average, I probably break 1.05 laws a week, 3.4 times for laws generally.

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But I did transport a cormorant skull home, which is pretty illegal, I believe. (I didnt kill it, just found it and cleaned the eyes out.)

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Pshh…so says you. I heard different from the skull.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I don’t blame you for hating me. My car doesn’t have an ashtray or lighter. I’ve tried those portable ashtrays but they stink up the car and are not very stationary (yeah I try to keep the odors at a minimum). Maybe you’ll be happy to know I’ve found something suitable that works for me and I haven’t littered lately..:~)

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@AmWiser It’s not your beer can, is it? ^_^

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@Seek_Kolinahr hahaha, now you’re trying to get me for drinking and driving. The container is called a Butt Bucket.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I hate litterbugs, too. and ICK to smoking in the car, fullstop! Noone had better light up when I’m in the car. I’d rather walk.

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Is it still littering if it’s a banana peel or apple core?

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@Blackberry – You can’t wait till you get to the corner trash? Lazy…;-)

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@iamthemob But what if I’m on the Garden State Pkwy and just throw it on the grass? A deer will eat it anyways, right?

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I say if it’s reasonably biodegradable and not on fire, you’re cool.
That is, apple cores: yes. Cigarettes: no. Hamburger wrapper: no. Egg shell: yes.

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Looks like the jerz doesn’t consider that litter,

Whatever though…it’s still gross.

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I speed and sometimes text while driving but love my turn signals and have seen far too many accidents to chance rolling through a stop.

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Food and biodegradable stuff is definitely counted as littering here (UK). There was an article in my local paper about a woman who was fined because her 2 year old child threw something edible on the floor for a pigeon to eat. The bird ate the food and the mother still got charged with littering. It’s insane.

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Drinking underage is the big one for me and I’ve been doing it for years. I don’t tend to speed, but maybe sometimes. I’d say about 1–2 broken laws a week.

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Just the speed limit. God am I dull!

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Speed limit violations- about 6 times a week.

Other stuff I don’t want to specifically publicize- about 20 times a week.

So I guess close to 30.

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