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Can you receive SSI benefits if you travel abroad for extended periods of time?

Asked by evander (460points) September 15th, 2010

Regarding a US citizen over 65 years old, receiving SSI benefits as only source of income. I’m finding conflicting information online and in a printed resource. I know you must report if you travel out of the country for more than 30 days, but will your benefits be cancelled?Thanks.

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Supplemantal Security Insurance(SSI) is means based so if you have the funds to travel internationally chances are you make too much for SSI. Social Security Disability Insurance(SSDI), on the other hand, is paid according to what you have paid in based on income and determined by whether you have been found unable to have gainful employment. SSDI can be collected while traveling, unless I am mistaken, but I don’t think I am. Maybe you have the two confused?

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This person is traveling to Mexico via bus to be with a sick family member. Cost of living is cheaper. Not traveling for leisure. This is means- based ssi. Thanks.

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If it is SSI any time over 30 days out of the USA your benefits will be denied I assure you. If you do receive any payment you will be billed for it later.

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