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FREE program for laptop camera / live capture?

Asked by longtresses (1332points) September 15th, 2010

I reformatted my laptop and the software for running livecam capture was gone. This program came with the laptop, so none to be found online. Now I can’t take pictures with my laptop camera.

I looked up, and what they have are either monitor capture (screen activity/movement) or video chat (e.g. camfrog). Those, or paid programs with free trail and complicated buttons..

Is there a BASIC program to capture video/picture, and it’s FREE? Thanks all very much for any help..

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Try That’s what I used when I had a PC.

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Hello! Assuming you are using Windows then Windows should have a native capture software.

Otherwise there is which I really like. Hope this helps.

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Thanks! I now have ManyCam. The odd thing is it doesn’t also record the sound.

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To capture your screen activity, you may use many cam or capture wiz. The problem of the monitor capturing program is required big space on your hardrive.

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