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Who played doctor when they were younger?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) September 15th, 2010

okay I’ve heard a lot about doctor….But ya know I’ve never done that with anyone haha, did you play doctor when you were a little baby?

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I was always the patient. After the 17th inconclusive & highly invasive operation, I sued for malpractice.

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Uhm…what do you mean by little baby? I’m concerned…

And @rpmpseudonym – I do hope you let them practice enough before you decided it was malpractice.

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Oh lol sorry didn’t mean to put that I wasn’t paying attention, I mean when you were like a kid maybe 5 or 7 what ever age they usually play doctor lol. Sorry about that guys.

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I did, I did, but I never stayed in the profession long enough to pick a specialty. When I was 10 or so, one of my neighbors saw me playing doctor with a 10-year old nurse who was the daughter of my mother’s best friend and reported it to my folks. They just laughed about it but suggested I take up another line of work.

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Nope. My dad was a doctor, so I never had any desire to be one even a little.

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I was a doctor…and a patient. And one day all that just ended. I think the neighbors moved away.

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Yes, I did. With my cousins… but not like that.

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Play(ed)?! I still do…:P

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I used to play Operation

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