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What is the fastest and cheapest way to ship your furniture to where you are moving to?

Asked by crazyandbeautiful (551points) September 15th, 2010

I am moving out west in 7 months and I am looking for the easiest way to get my furniture to my boyfriends house. Any suggestions or advice on how to do this? I am on tight budget so any help would be great. Thanks.

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1) Sell your stuff and buy new/used from Craigslist when you get there.
2) rent a truck or trailer from Budget or uhaul…check both, depending on pickup and drop off points the charges may vary widely.

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Fastest, cheapest, and easiest are all different factors. I doubt that all three are available within the same service.

Decide what you cannot live without, and go from there. Belongings that you need to have with you immediately can travel with you or be shipped overnight. The rest can be packed up and arranged for a later delivery.

And think of it as an opportunity to get rid of things that you don’t really need. I’ve been doing this in preparation to move in with my fiancĂ© who lives in another country.

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Sell and toss as much as you can, get a U-Haul and drive it yourself.

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The postal service has a media rate that is insanely cheap. For books, records, papers, and CD/DVDs it is great. Slow as hell but very cheap. If you have tons of that stuff it could save you a lot buy making your other container smaller.

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Have you considered renting a U-Haul and driving the load out yourself?

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A U-Haul truck will cost you a thousand dollars or so usually, if you are traveling out of town. Could even be more.

But the trailers are a good deal, that’ll only be $20 a day.

If your boyfriend is in-town, then get the U-Haul or the Yellow Truck; that’ll be the easiest way. Pack up all your stuff and have it ready-to-go before you rent the truck. then load the truck, move, and return the truck that night, or the next day. This will keep it under $50. Even under $30 in some cities.

Or… rent a pickup truck at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Those run $25 for 2–4 hours, depending on their policy.

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@kraigrmo i am moving 2000 miles away. i doubt he would want to come all that way to where i am and drive it to where he is. i am looking to get my furniture out there before i move so its easier for the both of us. that way i wont have much to pack when i move. i will just have to fly out there when he tells me to.

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Mayflower moving services.

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Sell your largest items, if you can get yourself to part with the stuff at a low price.
But in any case, start mailing the stuff to his house via UPS. Unscrew all the legs to your tables (or literally chop them off and reglue later). just make everything fit in carry-able boxes. Things like mirrors, be sure to use what UPS calls “a mirror box”. Those are good for paintings and stuff, too.

I don’t see how a person on limited funds can move couches, fridges, & beds 2000 miles away though. I’ve never seen that accomplished.

Also if you use UPS, get the insurance. They WILL damage something. But they do pay their claims.

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@kraigmo i am not going to cut the legs off my tables. the table i have is a family heirloom and would like to take it with me since the person may or may not be here within the next year. i am starting to look for storage bins. i want something that will hold a good amount of stuff. i am getting rid of alot so….hoping i will not have alot to pack when the time comes to move. i am just trying to figure out a way to move my furniture out first. then worry about the other stuff which is not important at the moment.

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