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What to do about my very small dining room?

Asked by janedelila (3904points) September 15th, 2010

It’s 10’ x 8’ with three doorways. One doublesize to the living room, two regular size, one to kitchen one to upstairs on three different walls. Fourth wall has double windows with trees directly outside. Ceiling is 8’ hight. I got a glass top table to take up less visual space, but still takes up a lot of space. It’s the center of the house so there is a lot of traffic. I live alone so there’s no worry about another person’s taste.

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Can you be a little clearer about the problem you are trying to solve? Do you want the room to look bigger? be bigger? Why does anything need to be done about it?

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@Jeruba I just got the house, I can’t figure out what to put in that room. All the other rooms are plenty big, and no matter what I put there it seems to be in the way. I need a table in there, and a bar against the wall has you facing well, the wall. I’d love it to look bigger. It’s got white wallpaper with little green leaves all over it right now. It is carpeted with a brown/rust sculpted. I have a webcam, but also just got the computer adn can’t figure that effin thing out either…

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Maybe it’s not a room per se but a hallway or foyer, just meant for passing through. It almost sounds like that to me. Do you have another place for your dining table?

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Without seeing a picture it is hard to tell. But ditching the carpet and going with hardwood floors will open it up a bit. And I would get rid of the wallpaper too.

About five years ago we did this to my sisters house and it made a huge difference in perceived space.

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post a pic

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A glass table sounds good – maybe don’t put all four chairs around it all the time to save room. Another idea would be a dropleaf or gateleg table against a wall and only pulled out when you need it. Do you have an eat-in kitchen or is this a table you always need to use? Are you concerned with mainly the visual or with the ability to walk around the table too?

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Using stools instead of chairs with backs around the table can also help keep the space more open.

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I have a similar problem. Our dining room is 13×9 feet. We have nice china hutch and a full size dining table in it. I have been considering extending the house and adding a deck outside f the room. An alternative is to knock out the wall between the dining room and kitchen and end up with a really big eat in kitchen. I’m still not sure what if if we will change things. But what is the use for a dining room that seats 6 without enough room to move around?

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