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Does anyone know how I can recieve free text messages on my iPod touch without jailbreaking it?

Asked by Theotherkid (889points) March 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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Do you mean using an actual program or using safari to text, because you know that if you go to you can IM people (Also known as texting) and all you have to do is log in. They have all different servers routed through the site so you can sign into AIM or YIM or even MSN!

Also you could pay the 19.99 from iTunes and get the update! Because after the update you’ll not only get programs from developers but you’ll get a whole load of stuff from apple! CHECK IT OUT!

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there is a web app on the apple site called iP Texter. It gives your touch a moble phone number so you can get SMS text.

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That site cost money and not only that but its 7.99 (Pounds)

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Yeah but its still SMS text. And the website you listed Cooldil17 is awesome!

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Thanks I have an iPod Touch so I use that website all the time and the best part is you can still move the ipod to adjust the keyboard! But thanks!

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you could get the mail app and set up a gmail account to be your text messaging account. for example you can e-mail someone on att by sending an e-mail to I use that when sending text messages during work so that I’m not caught playing on my cell phone. All service providers offer the ability to send a text to an e-mail address that will be directed to that persons phone. All you need to do is know the provider of their phone service.

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