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My dog is allergic to cotton. Any suggestions?

Asked by lbus1229 (338points) March 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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Suggestions for what?

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Don’t feed it cotton?

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Buy your dog wool socks?

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Poor dog! First, I know that it would be difficult to get rid of all cotton out of your life. My first suggestion would be to make sure that your pet had a dog bed made out of synthetic material. Head to and ask the owner there if she supplies any items that will qualify. That way, at least he/she will have something to sleep on that doesn’t cause a reaction. And consider getting synthetic material blankets to set at various spots around the house if you have cotton in your carpeting or furniture so that your dog won’t come in contact when sitting down. Also, check with your veterinarian and ask about treatments like immunotherapy or even treatments like Atopica (although I hate to think of drugging the poor thing) that have been approved to treat atopic dermititis in animals. Good luck with your buddy.

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Was this determined through allergy testing by a veterinary dermatologist? That would be your best resource for dealing with allergies.

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I thought i had posted this last night???????
My Aust. Cattle Dog is allergic to cotton also!!!!!
Please post an update

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No cotton picken for the mutt.

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my chiuahua is allergic to cotton also. yes she was allergy tested. any suggestion for ear cleaning, cant use cotton swabs.

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