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Have any tattoos?

Asked by Deja_vu (4157points) September 16th, 2010

Got any ink? What do you have tattoed on you? Do you have a story behind it?
Just curious.
I have a big red apple on my hip.

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I have many tattoos and have many more to get. Some of my more noteworthy ones include a rabbit in a tuxedo on my right forearm, an owl on the left outside of my left arm and, my favorite, a modified Silvia Ji, Día de los Muertos face painted girl. Next week, Brooke, my artist, is adding a ship to fill in the inside of my left upper arm and then my left arm will be done, except for some small filler, and soon after that, she’ll be starting on my chest piece. I still have a long road ahead but I usually get something done every 2–3 weeks. Becoming friends with your artist is the greatest thing ever if you like tattoos or plan on having many of them.

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I’ve got some You can see only a few here. I’ve got more room taken than I have free.
I just got my hands done also.
I’ve got stories for each and every one of them.

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@judochop What’s the story behind the owls?

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I have a ~heart~ on my hip.

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Nope. And after spending yesterday in a hospital waiting room looking at numerous inked-up, middle-aged, overweight men in t-shirts with the sleeves cut off… let’s just say what it looks like at 20ish is not what it looks like at 60ish and leave it at that.

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No,but I would gladly give someone a tattoo.

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Not yet.

I should be getting my tattoo in honour of my son very soon. If I can handle it, I have a sketch going of something I might like to do in the future.

This is my husband’s back. He’s getting more done soon, as well.

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I have the Chinese symbol for the Year of the Ox (my birth year) on the inside of my left wrist. Then I have a green star on the outside of the same wrist. The star is just something I thought would be cool when I was 18. Now at 25 I’m starting to wonder if it was the best thing to permanently place on my skin.

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Nope. Sometimes i think it would be nice to get something small done, but then i wonder if it’ll fade in years to come and look not so nice anymore, or if i’d get tired of it and just not want it anymore. I have not a clue what’s involved in tattoo removals, but it can’t be pleasant (and i have doubts about the health aspect of tattoo ink) so i don’t want to have either done.

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I have 8 tattoos. The story behind each is that I like them.

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I have a triquetra on my ankle, and my sister’s name on my wrist.

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@Randy The owl and the face painted girl are on my list to get – I’m freaked out that you have them, lol.

I have the letter F for Firefly tattooed on my right ankle. I have an abstract drawing over my pubic bone. I have a little heart with ‘The Fuckers’ inside tattooed on the right side below my belly. I have a traditional tat (2 red hearts w/wings) with ‘Addicted to Love’ underneath on my right hip. On my left inner wrist, at the top (closest to hand) I have the word ‘Breathe’, below it is a rainbow triangle, below that is a transgender symbol. On my lower back I have two hands holding up the word ‘Namaste’ in Sanskrit. My entire back is Alex Grey’s ‘Birth’ painting and behind my right ear I have 5 black filled in circles of various sizes.

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I have a tattoo of an octopus on my forearm. Its pretty hard to get a good picture of the white ink without it lookin all washed out but here

Story behind it? I am a marine bio major so a huge fish nerd. Octopodes are my favorite animals, so it only seemed natural that this is what i’d have done. The artwork was drawn by a friend of mine, and then tattooed by another friend. I chose white ink for two reasons, one, white ink just looks fucking bad ass, and two, it plays in very nicely with the octopus theme and camouflage. I wanted it to look like it belonged there on my arm, like it was part of me, instead of some vibrantly colored thing that often just looks out of place.

People always ask me if im either in the process of getting it removed, or if it was branded on my arm. For some reason the idea of white ink just never crosses their minds.

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@uberbatman I really, really like that. The drawing itself, and the whole white ink thing too.

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I have two tattoos, one on each arm. The one with the most significance for me is my phoenix, a symbol of rebirth. That means a lot to me. I want a big Chinese phoenix on my back.

@uberbatman That octopus is amazing. I’ve never seen a tat with white ink before.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Great minds think alike ;)

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@Randy This is indeed true.

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I have a few. Most recent is the dancing skelly logo for Social Distortion. I love all of them. No regrets. The first was the lotus tattoo. The second was the yin-yang sun on my back. My favorite song is Winners & Losers, hence that tattoo. I’ve got the word awaken on my wrist to remind me to awaken to the possibilities. Here is a link to my flickr set with all the photos

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This is my first tatt. I got it on my dad’s birthday in 2004 because I wanted to take ownership of my body, my life and yet still say my faith in God is strong (I come from a background in which body modification is a sin).

For my second, I got it the summer of 2006 to make a statement of taking charge of my life instead of waiting for life to happen. The tribal eagle represented to me the act of taking flight, moving forward. Also, it holds a spiritual meaning for me as the symbol of the eagle reminds me to soar above status quo.

The third tatt I got was in October 2008. I got it because the tree reminds me of where I feel most centered and connected to myself and to God. My sacred place is a hillside park with lots of trees. It’s a place where I spent much time soul-searching and renewing my relationship with God. When I place my hand upon a tree, I feel calm and rooted – reminded to sink my roots and continue to grow. The placement of the tatt is important too, as I feel most connected to my heart when I touch the inside of my forearm.

These three are just the beginning. Not sure where, when, or what. But, I imagine many more.

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The three owls….First of all. Good things are always in three’s. The banner reads “Luck favors the prepared.” This saying is something that I have always carried with me and it has always been true. I have found myself in some hairy situations that had I not been prepared I possibly would have never made it out. The three owls stand for Mother, Father and Daughter. For these three things I am always to be prepared.

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