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Don't you feel like some people are using the "Social" section as if were Facebook or Twitter?

Asked by zen_ (6273points) September 16th, 2010

I wonder if this was the original intention of the founders when they separated it into the categories. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and Social is about opinions – because if you need a real answer to a real question, you’re going to ask it in General.

But lately, there have been numerous questions, and subsequent posts, that look alarmingly like “Here’s what I just did” or “Can you believe he said that” and then it just becomes a sort of lurve party.

Maybe it’s just part of some evolutionary process fluther has to go through.

What do you think?

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I think once upon a time, those sorts of questions would get modded pretty quickly. I know I’m guilty of posting “Who wants to fold my laundry for me?” knowing full well it would be killed in about 30 seconds. I just wanted to share my misery for a little bit.

Has something changed, and these quips are being allowed to stay?

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I don’t think there are any more of these qs than before and nothing is really all that different. I agree quality is lacking in some qs but the process is the same – you flag and it gets moderated, perhaps or you just ignore. I don’t have twitter so I don’t know but Fluther doesn’t feel like FB, at all.

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I think they created the Social section to be more relaxed and fun. The General section is for more serious questions and to get answers. Before, it was more hectic with mixed answers. Some being sarcastic and funny, others being real and to the point.

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I can’t copy/paste them here – it’ll get modded. But bear with me, those who have been here for a year or two or three; look at the questions in Social at any given moment – most of them aren’t even a question. They are more like a statement, and about whatever is on the person’s mind at that precise moment. Moreover, they don’t even want to know what anyone thinks about it – they just sort of “update” us on – well, whatever.

Do’t misunderstand me, I liked the changes to fluther, and I like the Social = relaxed and General = serious, but I am wondering whether Social has simply become the place to say anything and add a question mark at the end and it’ll be called a question.

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It is just a fluke that it looks like that at this precise moment. This too shall pass.

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I’m not seeing it. I hadn’t noticed anything. I feel like people are using the Social section to put up little announcements of their activities.

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@zen Facebook is for family stuff. I don’t twit… and, the social section is what it’s…social.

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The definition behind the word “social” is fairly accurate for the purpose behind that section. It isn’t like twitter or facebook, but I don’t see any problem with the social aspect behind the section. In case anyone has forgotten, fluther is a social networking site, as are facebook and twitter. I come here to be entertained which means I stick with the social section usually. I think it’s terrific that the sections are broken down to help users define what they want their fluther experience to be about. A few questions in social do seem more like statements but you can use your right to flag and the mods will take them down as they see fit.

Can we go ONE DAY without complaining about some aspect of fluther?

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@free_fallin No, we keep such discussion open in hopes of making our experience a more positive and user-friendly one. I’ll refrain from pointing out the irony of complaining about a user’s complaints.

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@wundayatta yah yah yah and yah!

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@BoBo1946 Oops. I think there’s a “don’t” missing from my post above. I think I’m gonna hafta chop off one of my fingers to teach them a lesson!

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loll please don’t! disregard the pun!

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@Seek_Kolinahr I asked a question which is much different from a complaint; therefore your irony argument is null. The site is very user-friendly. Your opinion makes up the minority. Fluther is flourishing in more ways than you could possibly imagine. That doesn’t happen in an environment that isn’t user-friendly. As with most of these types of questions, people should go straight to the source rather than create a frenzy for new users to see and be discouraged from joining.

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@free_fallin The Meta section exists so we can discuss the inner workings and environment of Fluther. Complaining that people use that opportunity is pointless.

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[mod says] Settle down, guys.

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Yes. As soon as Jellies start quipping back and forth, I’m outta there. And I do notice it happening more often. I thought that was the point of the social section. That’s why I try to keep my questions out of social even when the questions are light-spirited. I just want an answer, not a cleverness contest.

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@tinyfaery ditto…maybe, some need a debate section. Not me, what we say here is a minor part of our lives.

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Sorry @BoBo1946, but you are very guilty of the behavior I speak of. Just sayin’.

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@tinyfaery ONLY when they attack me! just saying. Don’t agree at all. I’ve never come here to debate. Never….BUT, we have some people that like to attack others for their beliefs. As much as i would love too, i don’t turn the other cheek. Know i should…but don’t .

You are doing the same thing by saying what you said….so, just saying.

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That is not what I am talking about. Fluther is about debate. My issue is with all the personal side comments and jokes. You do not understand my post.

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oh, I’m guilty. very guilty. But, I’m a social animal. That is who is am. I just cannot help it.

But, I don’t do it to impress anyone….actually, since my hip went bad, here to pass the time. Once i get my new hip, will be back on the golf course.

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Haven’t noticed.

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“Maybe it’s just part of some evolutionary process fluther has to go through.”

Of course not silly. Don’t you know the work of the Devil when you see it? Sheeesh!

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I haven’t noticed it, but then I pass over the dream and relationship questions without ever even opening them. There was a question yesterday asking how everyone’s day was, and I thought it was worthwhile, because the OP contributed a long interesting comment on his adventure sailing that day.

I don’t see it becoming a problem for me, at least, because I will just answer the questions I want to and ignore the rest.

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@tinyfaery honestly, don’t see it being a big deal in the scheme of things. Maybe, you are not feeling well today.

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No, I haven’t noticed that at all.

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I haven’t noticed. Maybe questions like that have been modded away before I saw them. But if Fluther really was like Facebook I wouldn’t have stayed.

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I haven’t really noticed it. And even if it’s here, it can’t possibly be as asinine as what I see on those other two sites. Give us some damn merit! XD

I’ve also noticed that ever since this separation was made, modding is actually a lot more strict even in the social section, so I don’t think stuff like that would stick around too long.

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I am depressed by what the social section has become. Not enough content.

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I’ll try to do better…if you’ll be more tolerant.

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I think @hug_of_war has it – there doesn’t seem to be enough content – and it’s depressing. It should be more like General – but more relaxed and less moderated. I actually don’t mind the relationship and other questions by the newbies – when they ae in the form of a question. And asking how everyone’s day has been is also a question.

It’s those facebooky-update “questions” that defeat the purpose; “Listen to what happened in the carpool today…” or “A funny thing happened to me on the way to the laundromat” – anyway… it’s just something I noticed and wanted to discuss – that’s what Meta is for, right? At least this was asked in the form of a question, Alex.

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Duly noted.

Have a great day, Alex.

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