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Any good alternatives to Turbo Tax?

Asked by Elfman (449points) March 27th, 2008
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I used TaxCut last year, and found that usability-wise, the two offerings were about equal. I went with TaxCut because Turbo Tax did not seem to be supported for Mac last year. However, if you didn’t like Turbo Tax for some reason, I’m not sure that you’ll like TaxCut any better. Good luck! Taxes are on my to-do list this weekend. :)

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I have used TaxAct for years without any problems.


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H&R Block….

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File-2-Give is a good alternative, plus they donate 100% of profits to charity…

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The top three alternatives to TurboTax currently are:
1. $9.95 to file both federal and state, all inclusive free federal service.
2. $17.95 to file both federal and state.
3. $17.95 to file both federal and state.

TurboTax’s lowest cost option is $39.95 to file both federal and state (using their ‘free’ version). Most people will end up paying $49.95+39.95 (or $89.90) to file their federal and state returns on Turbo. The services above are comparable services (they include mortgage interest, investment income, and other supported forms in their standard product with no upgrades).

With that kind of price difference it’s definitely worth it to test drive the alternatives (which can be done for free).

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