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Do you like gaps in between songs in albums?

Asked by Arp (3516points) September 16th, 2010

For those of you that listen to albums, I need some input. I am building up quite a big folder of random electronic tracks I make when I am bored, and I am thinking I might eventually make them into an album… Anyway, because of this, I am wondering, what kind of transitions do you like in albums? Obviously, I can’t do the “Sgt. Pepper” thing and make the songs perfectly fade into each other because they weren’t supposed to be tracks in an album in the first place, but I am seeing 3 main choices:

1. No fade in at all, songs go one track after the other without any gap whatsoever.

2. A small (how long?) gap in between each song.

3. A fade in/out on each song

Any other ideas would be welcome, but I would really just like to know which you prefer. Thanks in advance! :D

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I love #3, fade in/out. Sounds very professional.

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@Austinlad Thanks for the quick answer! Do you mean just a fade in and out, or should there be a gap also. Like, this structure:

song-song-song-song-fade out-silence-silence-fade in-song-song

Or this:

song-song-song-song-fade out-fade in-song-song

Hope I am making sense :x

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Since it’s electronic music, I would go with #3 and possibly #1. It’s neat to blend techno songs together and that’s how a lot of electronic albums I’ve listened to do it.

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I am not a fan of the fade out endings you mostly get on albums and especially live albums where the band just didn’t have the sense to make a decent ending to a song.

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I wouldn’t do more than a second of silence between the songs. For me, it kills the flow of the music.

I also agree that most of your songs should have an end. I’m not completely opposed to fade out, but it should be used sparingly.

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@erichw1504 This certainly isn’t bland techno, it is more art-electronic than anything, so I don’t know if it would work the same :P

@Seek_Kolinahr The silence is a bit important since, as I said, it is sound-art more than music, so having them so close together would be like putting two paintings almost overlapping next to each other. They all have different “feels” to them, so I am not sure such a short silence would suffice…

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I like when they fade in and out. I’ve had CDs where there was like a ten second pause before the next song.

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I prefer a 2 second pause. Though I seem to be in the minority.

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Depends on the variation of the music on said album. When I do my radio show I try to find songs that will somewhat nicely transition to the next. Like songs that end on a similar beat that the next one picks up on. It makes for a nice transition IMO. If the fade can not be done successfully it comes off sounding like shit though, in those cases I opt for no fade, but generally no pause either.

@Arp he said blend not bland :P

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I like about 3 to 5 seconds. I like to keep each song separate in my head. Endings depend on the song more than anything else. Some sound like they should fade, some should end with a bang.

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It depends on what I am listening to.

If I am listening to classical or a soundtrack, then probably #1 would be ok. This is especially true if the next track is just a continuation of the one I just heard.

If I am listening to songs that are not related (e.g. a collection of pop songs), then a 3–5 second gap would be nice.

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I like a 2–3 second pause.

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Two from column three and three from column two.

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@uberbatman I know what he said. It’s just, I was saying that it wasn’t the average techno you would expect when you hear electronic :P

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Each track should have a proper end, even if that end happens to be a fade, then no more than a 2 second gap and the next track should start with a proper beginning, even if that is a fade.

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I prefer a gap, but only a short one. Two seconds max.

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One second gap, two max. Otherwise I start tapping my toe in impatience.

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I also prefer silence between the songs, otherwise they don’t end nicely if you ever want to play them on their own for some reason. It depends on the song, some sound good when they just suddenly end, others sound good when they’re faded out, with silence before the new song starts.

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