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What sport could become one of America's newest favorites?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) September 16th, 2010

Arguably, the current top four most popular sports are: football, baseball, basketball and hockey. We can agree or disagree with that at another time.

In the near or distant future, do you think this will change? Will a different sport rise in popularity? If so, which one and why? How will this affect our society? Will it gain it’s own three-letter abbreviation (NHL, MLB…)? Will you become one of it’s biggest fans?

It can be an existing sport, a past sport, or even a brand new one that you made up.

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I’d totally get behind a national Rugby club.

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Ultimate Frisbee

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@weeveeship Nice! I would love to join the UFL.

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How about a round of lion taming in the SJP league. I’m sure she’d be up for it :¬)

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Football! (Soccer)

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Oh wait, you said “could”. Never mind, then.
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Soccer (futbol)

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I would love MLS to see more support in the next few years. We have a good national team, but our league doesn’t seem to have the same support as other countries. I don’t even watch MLS… I watch Bundesliga and the EPL. The World Cup roped in a decent viewership though. I think it’s entirely possible that football could become a popular sport here.

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Soccer would be more popular if the networks were better at showing the whole pitch instead of just a close up of the person with the ball. Much of the action is away from the ball, and you need to see it all to get into the flow of a game. I would love to see more soccer here.

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I’m hoping that fencing becomes more popular as a spectator sport.

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@YoBob Just got to let them use sharp swords instead of those blunted tipped ones and it would be much more popular.

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It seems to me that soccer is increasing popularity in the US but I don;t think it will ever be as popular. Americans don’t seem to like low scoring games and all those nil-nil draws wouldn’t be liked.

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Curling, if we ever come upon another ice age.

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@downtide That’s precisely why my younger brother hates watching football and I don’t understand that one bit. I was never a fan of sports, but I have fallen in love with watching good football matches.

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@muppetish I love watching football (soccer) live, if I’m actually there at the game, but watching it on TV bores me stupid. I prefer rugby league and, actually, American football (which used to be shown here regularly, but isn’t so much now).

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Frisbee golf.

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I’d like to see you guys play Rugby League. Its so much better than bloody Grid Iron.

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I would kind of like to see Austrailian rules football in America.

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Bible thumping.

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I think that golf has already taken its place as the number five sport in the US. Sports networks still have extensive coverage of tournaments like the Masters, British and U.S Opens. Add to that players like Tiger Woods and golf is fairly secure as one of the U.S’ favorite sports, even if it isn’t on the same level as the big four.

The only other sport which comes close is NASCAR, but that has a fairly concentrated fan base and isn’t as widely accepted as golf.

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Hide & Seek

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I never watched a NASCAR race in my life until I had a kid obsessed with race cars. With him, I watched the entire Sprint Cup season this year. Holy crap, it’s fun! (sadly, I also watched the final Indy race this year too. Tears were shed by all, save the aforementioned preschooler)

I think if they dropped the half-hour “Jesus and the Flag” sermon before every race, it’d probably take off.

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Out of interest: How’s F1 perceived in the States?

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It’s not incredibly popular, to be honest. Those of us who do watch at least occasionally use “Indy Car” and “Formula One” interchangeably.

It’s generally considered more “respectable” than NASCAR, but oddly enough is actually followed by much fewer people.

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