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Do you ever actually think about physically hurting someone when you're mad, stressed, aggravated etc?

Asked by Blackberry (31011points) September 16th, 2010

Some people will say things like, “This guy cut me off and I swear I wanted to bash his head in with a baseball bat” or “Laura was staring at me and I wanted to grab her hair and throw her across the room” etc.

I never actually think these things; at worst I want to just yell or say something extremely hurtful to the person, but never hit them or stab them, mutilate them, or crush them.

Do you actually want to hurt someone physically when they piss you off? Why do you think people feel this way?

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Nope. I’m a bit of a stoic when it comes to anger.

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Rarely. At my most heated I am silent and thinking. It’s when I’m coming down from the anger that I want to purge all the crap that ran through my head but it’s not been about physically harming anyone. I’ve thought about an anti matter ray gun to use on the freeway or asked aliens with my mind to zap a few motorists and turn them inside out into steaming piles of glump… does that count?

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More or less constantly, however I do have it totally under control. but yes, I will have violent thoughts over more or less any trivial thing. if I’m in a shop trying to get down an isle and there is some slow prat in my way, walking down the isle slowly and oblivious to everyone around him, I will get a vision of me kicking them in the spine. in fact, if there is a shop in the equation chances are there are some violent thoughts on my behalf. “if i ever find the person who designed this small changing room im going to pull out their heart and eat it” and so on.

violent thoughts are quite routine to me, but i never act on them.

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I am quite honestly a very non-violent, reasonable person who believes in adult discussions and hashing things out in a grown-up, fair manner. It would never occur to me during an argument to lash out and strike someone.. it just would never happen.

However, and this is going to sound contradictory, I have violent fantasies. If I’m being attacked by someone, or being yelled at, or in an otherwise difficult, heated situation, there’s a good chance that while I’m staring back at the person calmly, I’ve killed them several times in my head. Usually with very creative methods, like squeezing their neck until their head pops off. Like I said, there’s no connection between thought and action here, it’s just kind of a coping mechanism to stay calm, to keep the upper hand, and to not flip my shit and go off on somebody. It would never occur to me to actually act on it, it’s just a probably unhealthy method of remaining calm in the face of conflict.

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No I can only get angry enough to fuss and cuss. I abhor physical violence of any kind and so it never enters my mind to want to shoot, stab, bludgeon, etc….But I’m not saying given the situation, (say harm to my family), I’m sure I would be capable of such acts.

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I never get angry enough to want to hurt anyone. In fact I rarely get angry at all.

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Oh yeah, I do. It usually takes something pretty extreme to piss me off to that point but when I’m that mad, I’m raging. I once beat a drunken asshole until he cried at a party. He was making me mad because of little things but when he told a few of the girls that he was in a gang and if they didn’t “put out” he’d have his buddies hunt them down, it was the last straw. I felt bad afterward but also better. There have been times where other people have taken their anger out on me though, so call it karma if you will, but what goes around, comes around.

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Actually I just ask the Universe, the powers of good, God if she, he, it exist to send them the bad Karma they deserve.
I curse them and scream when I am alone. I pray they reap what they sow. I never threaten violence or act violent.
I would only be violent if someone dared to hit me, my family or friends. That would be a big mistake.
I am thin but Muscular and very capable of defending myself verbally and psychically.

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Yep. Why? Don’t know. I doubt I’d ever actually do it though.

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Sure. I’ve an Irish temper. lol. Actually, I am a very passionate person. It’s not hard for something or someone to trigger my rage. If I didn’t control it, I’d be in prison by now.

I grew up exposed to violence, and I’ve had a lot of built-up anger to work through over the years. I know how to cut people to shreds with my words, and it wouldn’t take much for me to use physical violence. But, my tenderhearted self has usually always restrained my actions. I’ve learned ways to diffuse my hot-headedness. The flip side to my anger has been depression. If I’m not careful to manage it, I’ll struggle with violent thoughts towards myself.

Why the violence? Maybe it’s a chemical reaction of mixed emotions that the brain cannot handle. Just a thought.

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I do. All the time. ALL the time.

I think that’s what prevents me from actually doing it.

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You are well adjusted.

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Sure. But then they usually started things boiling. I am getting better at foreseeing a situation, and going a different way.
Who needs it.
Intuition comes in handy , too.

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Wise attitude violence is rarely the answer.

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Some people, but usually no. On the other hand I think of ways it might be possible for my demise through out the day. Walking up stairs, crossing the street, walking on a ledge….

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There are some sexist morons who harass me on the street and, yes, I imagine tazering their balls with 50000 volts like Lisbeth does in Larsson’s novels.

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With some things, like stupid drivers, I sometimes say things like, “Wow, I want to punch that guy in the face.” However, I never mean it literally – if I were to actually approach said terrible driver, I would probably be fairly polite. I think a lot of people are like this; may say threats of violence in certain situations, but without meaning them – just as a way to vent anger. However, there is that minority that actually would physically hurt someone for such a silly reason.

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No, I really don’t. I abhor violence in any form.

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Nope, not really. I also think that i’d really really REALLY want to say something hurtful to them, or i’d think that whatever bad thing is about to come their way (nothing like death, but maybe, say, losing their job or their car or something) is something that they deserve to have happen to them.
But i know that under the right circumstances, i would think that i really want to beat that person, but something like that hasn’t happened yet. And most likely i won’t beat them anyway, i’m not the type to touch, nevermind beat up, other people. But i’d think it and i’d want someone to do it, haha.

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While I’m reluctant to claim it could NEVER happen, I truly can’t foresee anyone or anything making me angry enough to harm someone else. I get upset when I hit a bird with my car. My anger usually manifests itself in over-eating, biting my nails or in some other way beating up on myself.

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You could exercise and help yourself. It relives stress and is good for you.

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