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Have you worked in call centre/ telecommunications and now have problems with your hearing?

Asked by silvermoon (753points) September 16th, 2010

Have you worked in a call centre/telecommunications or similar where you get a lot of hang-ups from incorrect calls & now have problems with your hearing? I’m 22 & was born deaf in my left ear, I often find that loud hang-ups affect my hearing my right ear (my good ear) & leaves me with a headache if not ear ache, has this happened to anyone else? Do you have problems with your hearing after your long gone from a role similar to this?

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I worked at a call center while I was in highschool, and I can relate to the headache after leaving work…. but fortunately I never had trouble with my ears or hearing that seemed related to my job.

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I’ve worked in a call centre for 7 years and to my knowledge it’s not caused me any hearing problems.

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When is the last time you had your hearing tested? It is possible that there is hearing loss in the better ear, too.

I suspect you have the telephone volume elevated to compensate for hearing only in one ear, and needing to drown out the ambient noise. That is what is causing noise-induced hearing loss in people who wear ear-buds for listening to music.

The best person to ask is an Audiologist—get a baseline hearing test and then discuss options for your phone system. I would recommend getting a custom-molded ear piece that will physically block the ambient sounds, so that you can hear the caller at more reasonable levels.

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