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If you wear hearing aids, did you have a long adjustment period?

Asked by Strauss (23562points) April 16th, 2022

I was finally able to get hearing aids last week! Through a generous grant from a local organization I am now the owner of a pair or Bluetooth-enabled programmable hearing devices.
I knew I was missing out on a lot of conversations due to the sometimes embarrassing need to ask people to repeat themselves. That has improved remarkably!
I have also noticed that ambient and background sounds are more noticeable, and are sometimes distracting. My audiologist tells me my brain will adjust to this. It’s been almost a week, and I’m still distracted by water running, or the sounds of the refrigerator, for example. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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I’d guess it took me 2–3 months; it got easier as time went on. You should have a way to adjust them yourself for wind, loud conversations, car noise, and even masks. Ask your audiologist, or see if you can find a manual online.

Congrats on getting them! I didn’t know how much trouble I had hearing until I decided to have my hearing checked due to asking people to repeat themselves and being unable to hear the TV easily. Makes a world of difference, huh?!

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@smudges Yeah! A _world of difference. I knew my hearing was deteoriating, but like you I wasn’t aware of the extent. I seriously thought my tinnitus was impairing my ability to hear, when in reality the tinnitus was the only thing I could hear without impairment.

The Bluetooth function allows me to balance the Bluetooth input against the mics on the earpieces.

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Yayyy! 8)

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