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There is a buzz currently going around about an on-line "class" sponsored by Oprah Winfrey and an associated book by an Eckhart Tolle entitled "A New Earth" Has anyone heard anything about this book or researched anything pertaining to this?

Asked by desberg (169points) March 28th, 2008

Is this just some repackaged new age stuff?

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My wife is doing it and I just started reading the book. It’s totally opening us both up to looking at how we’re doing things and making positive changes. I’d say it’s very worth checking out. The classes are on podcasts now so you can catch up that way. The book is actually discounted at Costco right now, if you have one of those nearby. The classes are available on Oprah’s website.

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I havent started the classes but the book is great! You will learn a lot about your actions and dysfunctions.

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I just bought the book, and have read a few chapters and really like what I see. Its on sale at target right my area.

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