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Does USPS move mail on Sunday?

Asked by Beastlicker (145points) September 17th, 2010

I know that USPS does not deliver mail on Sunday, but I’ve never known whether or not they move mail on Sundays. If anyone knows, please tell.

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Yes, my brother-in-law drives a truck delivering mail sacks between large metropolitan areas, and he also drives them on Sundays, so even though they’re not delivering, they’re still moving mail.

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Absolutely. We move it on holidays, as well. And we do in fact deliver express mail on Sunday. The USPS also has regular Sunday (but not Saturday) delivery in Loma Linda, California.

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Believe @AstroChuck As a member of the USPS he knows. :-)

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AstroChuck is indeed correct.

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That is a very interesting thing to know, thanks!

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