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Diabetic urinating bubbles?

Asked by Moegitto (2305points) September 17th, 2010

I’m dabetic, and even though my blood sugar is always inbetween 55 and 117, when I urinate, it looks like I’m peeing soap. I talked to all my doctors and they said it wasn’t bad, but who wouldn’t be worried when they pee yellow old mop water?

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Have you been tested for a UTI? Sometimes a UTI can cause urine to look foamy or bubbly. Did your doctors do a urinalysis for you at all? If not I would request one.

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You are wise to be concerned.
I agree with @TheOnlyNeffie
old, yellow, soapy, mop water
is not something you want
streaming out of yourself.

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It just occurred to me that I should have asked about your kidney function in general. I assumed as a diabetic your doctors would already be keeping an eye on that, I just mentioned the UTI because some people don’t know that it can cause foamy urine. Either way.. urinalysis is a wise request.

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I’ve done my kidney, eye, and liver exam with my last A1C, and they all came back normal. Could it be something I ate? Only been a diabetic for a year, so even though I can control my blood sugars real good, I’m still new at this whole body chemistry thing…

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Oh, I thought the Q was going to be another link to a YouTube video.

It’s a hell of a name for a band.

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It sounds like kidney involvement to me. I wish you could get another test .

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