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What shoes and accessories do i wear with my homecoming dress?

Asked by jabobo_11 (33points) September 17th, 2010

Like what kind of shoes do I wear. I don’t really like to wear tall heels im more of a flats girl.
What accessories do I wear?
This is my dress.

I am 5’8” so I have long legs. I am also skinny not like all bones but I am slim.

I recommend pictures.
Links and/or polyvore please.

Thank you!!

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I like your dress! I would definitely wear black shoes. You mentioned that you don’t like heels, so get a nice pair of flats. There are all kinds of black flats out there, even ones fancy enough to wear to homecoming. For accessories, keep it simple. I’d wear stud earrings and a simple necklace. Stick with silver or diamonds.

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Arm in arm… I would be the best accessory for any dress!

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First off, your dress is gorgeous!! I think most people couldn’t get away with wearing flats, but if you’re 5’8” and slender then you got it made. With the neckline on the dress, I would stick to wearing earrings and maybe a cuff bracelet with crystals/diamonds. I’m sure you’ll look beautiful whatever you wear though :)

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Cute dress I love it, wear some great earrings no necklace, I’ll see if I can find an example of earrings. Flats will look great with this dress especially since you are tall. If kids still waer a corsage I recommed a wrist corsage. You will look beautiful

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Nine West has great black flats for about $25.00

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