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Can you name some video games you think are so obscure not many will recall them?

Asked by Ben_Dover (4208points) September 18th, 2010

Q_Bert was a real thriller!

Pinball counts too, Like Earth Shaker and TopGun Pinball!

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@FutureMemory Burger Time was AWESOME. What’s to forget?

There was some game I remember from the 80s where you were a clown balancing balloons on your head while riding on a unicycle. I don’t remember the name of the game right now, but I bet almost nobody remembers the game itself.

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Q*Bert and Burger Time aren’t obscure, are they? I played them on my cousin’s Playstation in an arcade bundle. It was one of my favourites.

The only “obscure” games I can think of were Japan-only releases like Doshin the Giant and Ikaruga. Out to Lunch might be an obscure enough Super Nintendo title. My brothers and I checked it out from the video store several times. It was mindless fun. Super James Pond sounds obscure in my head, but it might have been more popular than I think.

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Q-Bert is far from obscure, as is Burger Time. Both are considered supreme classics by old school fans. Orion Burger, now that’s obscure.

I’d have to go for Arcana. Even among RPG fans it’s quite unknown.

Now if anyone here has played Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ or Clash Demonhead, that automatically makes you king of the universe.

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Planescape Torment. Awesome game that nobody I have run into has heard of.

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OK OK, it might not have been as obscure as I remember but it sure was lame. None of my friends liked it.

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I don’t like it either. But apparently a hell of a lot of people did. :/

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@hawaii_jake Ya gotta be kidding me. :p

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@Symbeline : It’s the last video game I played. :-)~

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I just played Q-Bert! That was cool. Missile command is next.

Does anyone remember a game where you raced around a house gathering pairs of objects…and I believe you could open and close doors against bad guys…and if you climbed up either tower you could drop the bells that toll on some of the bad guys, too?

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Elevator Action, per chance?

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Does anyone remember Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style for PS?

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I remember it. A bit of an improvement from that crap ass Shaq Fu game haha.

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I don’t know if it’s obscure or not, but my favourite original NES games were called “Gauntlet”, “Contra”, and “Wizards and Warriors”

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Lurve for Pong, @hawaii_jake—the Cro-Magnon of video games.

Anybody here ever play Temple of Apshai?

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@Symbeline Wasn’t Elevator Action a shoot-em-up spy kind of game. Where you went through different floors and had shootouts in the hallways?

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Yeah…you could shoot out ceiling lamps and shit. I think I mistook your bells for that. I don’t know then, but if you ever remember what game yours was, let me know? I’m all curious now lol.

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Someone tell me they’ve heard of Lemmings! I don’t think that’s unknown!

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@Symbeline Seems it came with a game deal you plugged directly into your TV. It had Pac Man or Ms. PacMan and some other games, but this was the coolest. You were like a mouse, and these cats were chasing you (or vice versa)....

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@Ben_Dover My grandma has a PC version of that game and she’s totally addicted to it. She is almost 90 and totally hooked on that game. I wish I could remember what it was called, but she is always on her computer playing it when I come over. And when she upgraded to Vista, she called me for an “emergency”—she couldn’t get the game to run and I had to fix it for her.

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@keobooks I sure would like to play that game again!

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Shadowrun on Genesis is one of the best games, ever. That and Metroid on Nintendo.

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@Ben_Dover Oh haha I think it’s Mappyland. I played it on one of those Nes carts that had like 130 games in it, and like about only 7 were worth playing lol.

@Whitsoxdude Yep I’ve heard of it. In fact by now it’s a series since there’s more than one Lemmings game. Never actually played any of em though.

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The most obscure one that I can think of is Asteroids.
I think it peaked out in the early 80’s, which was probably before many of today’s gamers were born. :-p

There was also something that I think was called Ski Racer.

These games were included in the Intellivision package, and I never saw them in an arcade.

Therefore I think those games might have been rather obscure, but maybe there are a few other low-end cheapskates who also remember them. :)

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I was born way after that game, but cheapskate here none the less. :D
Asteroids is old indeed, but just like Galaga, Space Invaders, Milipde and so forth, it lives on through countless reduxes, additions in multi game packs, flash games, some of those are even on the PSN. :D They were also unbeatable coin ups in their time.

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Also I meant Centipede, not Millipede. Lawlz.

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I thought so, but I think there was a millipedes game too!

Millipede is the 1982 sequel to Centipede, adding more enemies, ecology behavior, and more gameplay variations, as well as offensive options for the player.”

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Well I’ll be damned. Thx for the info. :)

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I remember Lemmings. It was fun.

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I used to love Mad Martha as a kid. No-one I’ve ever met has heard of it. :(

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