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Where can I watch full episodes of Glee online?

Asked by rentluva5256 (555points) September 19th, 2010

I can’t fine it anywhere! Please help. Thanks!

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Hulu dude. Hulu.

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Sidereel or Surf the Channel will give you links to where you can watch illegal uploads. Megavideo is great, although after 72 minutes it cuts you off. The video quality isn’t very good and if you’re on a PC you might get viruses. Enjoy! :)

veronasgirl's avatar is the best!! I have a Mac and love it, but if you have a PC, there are a lot of pop ups you may end up with a virus.

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I watch them on Hulu. Why go to the illegal ones when Hulu will have them too?

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I tried hulu and it doesn’t have episode 14. And I keep having to complete stupid offers.

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Gadzooks, simply go right to the source

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