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Does anyone know the name of this Muppet character?

Asked by ParaParaYukiko (6111points) September 19th, 2010

My friend is doing a project that includes clips of various Muppet characters, and he has come upon just one Muppet whom no one I know can identify.

This is what he looks like: link

All we know is that he is supposedly from the movie The Great Muppet Caper, but we don’t know his name. Any chance one of you jellies do know?

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That would be Beauregard, the janitor of The Muppet Show and he is performed by Dave Goelz whose primary character is Gonzo :)

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I guess I know where to go with my muppet questions:-) Did that take 45 seconds or 90?

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@jaytkay I think 45 seconds, but that was only because @muppetish was typing so fast, she had to go back and fix typos.

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@jaytkay It would have taken less time had I not gone looking for links ;)

It’s a good question though because there are so many Muppet characters that aren’t as prominent in the films (or as well remembered from their respective television series.) I love when they get noticed by viewers. Beauregard is a well-performed character on Goelz’ resume.

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When I was a kid, EVERYBODY watched The Muppet Show. My friends and I would joke about our dads. Judge/engineer/cop/CEO/newspaper editor/whatever upright citizen had an absolute once-a-week appointment to watch it.

And of course we watched it, too. We thought we were rebels, but we still really liked The Muppet Show.

I just looked it up and I am SHOCKED it’s been off the air for almost thirty years. Because I think everybody gets Animal jokes and Miss Piggy jokes and Statler & Waldorf jokes. Is that true?

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My dad loved the Muppet Show, too. (As did I). His favorite paet was ”Piiigs…in…Spaaace!” I was in my 20s, he, in his 50’s. A real generation spanner.

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@jaytkay It’s a real shame that it’s been off the air for so long because the material is just as funny today as it was when it first aired (which my mum attests for – I was not born when it first aired. I grew up on Fraggle Rock and watched every Muppet VHS I could get my hands on. Thank goodness for YouTube ;) I can get my daily Muppet fix when my DVDs aren’t nearby.

I think even youngsters who haven’t seen a single sketch from The Muppet Show know who Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy are. I’ve met people who don’t have a clue who Jim Henson is (and that makes me a little sad.)

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Wow, you guys are awesome. I knew Fluther would be a good place to go for this question. :D Thank you, @muppetish, for your great and very speedy answer!

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Does anyone remember the Jim Henson hour? One episode was different than the usual show – it was Dog City. REALLY funny! I have it on VHS somewhere – I should find that. My mother and I threw out quotes from that for years afterwards.

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@llewis I remember Dog City :) I think I had a book or something related to it. Recently, I watched an unaired episode of The Jim Henson Hour on YouTube. They shared behind-the-scenes information (which I always enjoy.)

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