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Should I move to Australia?

Asked by Jay170590 (335points) September 19th, 2010 from iPhone

I currently live in the uk and I’m getting annoyed with the quality of life here. I qualify for a skilled workers visa on the points based system but I’m not relate sure if it’s the right decision to move there. Any advice?

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You could move to Australia for a year to see if you like it there. If you don’t like it you can always move back where you came from. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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This is a huge decision, as you will be changing pretty much every aspect of your life when you move to Australia. Not only will you be in a completely different society with different laws, people and cultures, but even the seasons will be opposite. Instead of asking for the opinion of individuals (which can be highly biased and not always great to rely on (no offense to Fluther, but do you really want strangers making this big a decision for you?), do your own (extensive) research on life in Australia to decide whether it is a good place to go for you personally.

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Yes. You can do it fairly easily? Yoiu think you might like it? Absolutely. Go. Seriously.

You do not want to live the rest of your days wondering, “What if?”

I am guessing you are young. Later in life such moves become tougher, you have personal and financial ties. Now is the time to experience new places! Go!

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And it’s also harder because most countries won’t admit older people unless they have a lot of money, are starting a business or have legitimately married a citizen f that country. See if you can’t get a working holiday visa (depending on your age) and see if you like it first before making a wholesale move.

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At least come and visit, and see how you go. I’m sure you will love it! We have sun here, and we’re better cricketers – what’s not to love? If you need to know anything about our wonderful country, just send me a message.

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@FireMadeFlesh -hehehe, low blow that dig about the cricketers!

I moved here 12 years ago from USA, have lived in Sydney, Queensland, NT and now Queensland. I love it, have dual citizenship but will probably be here til I die.

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High cost of living…or low cost of living?
Affordable large house or buying a flat for 200K that is the size of a wardrobe?
250 overcast, grey days or 300 sunny days?
Half your wages gone in taxes or 30 percent?
Cranky bosses who overwork you or bosses who say, “No worries, mate!”
Windswept, wet moors or sunny beaches?
Being photographed 300 times a day or just a few? (And not by the paps, either.)
Little Britain or Kath and Kim? (That’s a hard one.)

I think it’s an easy choice.

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If your interested in the culture and the activities it offers, then I say give it a try.

Also if I may ask, why is the US not an option?

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If I could take my family with me, I would move to Australia, specifically Queensland, in a heartbeat.

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@YARNLADY – I agree but wonder how you reached that conclusion???

I left to get rid of my family, heheheh, j/k! (well sort of)

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I would love the clear air, uncrowded, inexpensive areas along the beach.

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@YARNLADY – It is beautiful and uncrowded but I guess the inexpensive part is relative! I love it for sure.

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@YARNLADY For interest sake, Pitt St. in Sydney was recently rated the fourth most expensive street in the world, with retailers having to pay $8000 per square metre per year. Our real estate can be hideously expensive at times. But yes, there are some inexpensive areas on the beach, which would be great places to live.

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Try it out and if you dont like it enough you can always move back.

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