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Do most people fall asleep when listening to music?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) September 19th, 2010

So it came to my head since I remember when I was younger that I use to listen to music and that made me fall asleep faster, but that was when I was younger. Now I actually listen to it rather than fall asleep. But do most people fall asleep to music? I mean I did when I was a kid, but not anymore….... anything?

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I find most noises to be distracting when trying to fall asleep. I can fall asleep to a white noise, but I prefer not to. Music I think would not help me sleep at all…

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I wouldn’t say most people. I agree with @DominicX in that it is distracting, but I can fall asleep to white noise. I run a humidifier in the winter and it lulls me to sleep.

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No.Most movies have that effect on me.

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I cannot fall asleep while listening to music, but I have fallen asleep while watching stuff on Netflix. That usually only happens if I have a migraine or I didn’t sleep well the previous night.

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When you go to sleep with music on, you don’t get as rested as you would a silent night, because as you sleep your brain still works to receipt the music and is therefore more active than it should be, so to speak, so it’s not a good thing really, no matter how peaceful it seems while in bed. Just make sure it doesn’t repeat or go on all night.
I used to do that, and my dad came and turned my radio off before he went to sleep.

Anyways, a lot of people do, but not most, at least, not enough to define it as common as owning a car or not.

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Do you mean “Do you play music (at bedtime) to help you fall asleep?” or “When you hear music (anytime), does it make you sleepy”?

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i do. it helps me, mostly stuff like Disturbed is best.

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No, I’m with @lucillelucillelucille

Movies put me out, start that lean and it’s all over.

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Wow it’s surprising…How does a movie make you fall asleep yet music doesn’t…kinda….doesn’t make sense to me.

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If I’m in the bed then yes, I’ll fall asleep to music playing, even if it’s upbeat.

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I can’t anymore. Unless I’m extremely exhausted I need silence or white noise. Sometimes I put a pillow over my head to block out noise.

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I listen to a book on my iPod and that usually puts me out in a few minutes. Music doesn’t occupy my mind enough to put me to sleep, my head still stays busy with music.

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I can’t…I start paying too much attention to it and make up stories in my head that go along with whatever is playing…as others have said, much too distracting. I like to have some noise, however, like a fan or air conditioner, or a humidifier in the winter.

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Not if the music is really good and I know the lyrics to most of the songs. Then I start to sing along in my head. So I have to turn it off to go to sleep.

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The only music that helps me fall asleep is calming classical music. Any other type of music wakes me up just after I’ve drifted off.

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i fall asleep to my ipod almost every nite when i cant sleep. it helps alot. i say whatever works for ya. that is just me.

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I have to have total and complete silence to sleep.

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I also listen to a book. So many songs irritate me, I’d be up all night.

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I listen to a different lecture by Alan Watts each night. He doesn’t yell, his voice is low, there’s no commercials, and I learn cool stuff from him.

I never could listen to music to get tired to and fall asleep to, unless it’s a drone tone or a hypnotic drumbeat, which both work kinda nice.

If I don’t have access to Alan Watts, or a drone tone, then I like the sound of a window air conditioner running. The reason is I live in the city and I hate the sounds of the freeway which is about a mile from me. If I lived in the woods, I probably wouldn’t need a noise to fall asleep to.

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I use to always fall asleep with my stereo on. I would set the sleep timer on it and it would shut off a little bit after I fell asleep. My stereo is downstairs now, so I don’t do that anymore. Every now and then I’ll set the sleep timer on my tv and fall asleep with it on. I tend to fall asleep better with something in the background while my husband isn’t home. When he is home, I can fall asleep without a problem in the silence.

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Music has never made me sleepy. Movies make me tired, but nothing makes me sleep. I have a very active mind. If I hear music, my mind paints images lol

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I find watching the history channel and setting the timer on the TV to go off. Works for me.

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I used to always leave my radio on through the night, but not now, i need preferably silence. Or a formula one race on TV – makes me sleepy every time!

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I like going to sleep with music on.

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You know I have never tried meditation music I wonder.

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I listen to NPR.

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I don’t… at least not when I am in a theatre.

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It depends on how tired I am. After a long day, I could sleep through a train wreck, but if I’ve just been sitting around, even the slightest sound gets too much of my attention.

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i feel asleep with my ipod on the other night. left it on and had to get up and turn it off at 1 am oops. lol

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