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Best type of Music to fall asleep to?

Asked by TexasPride07 (56points) December 6th, 2010

Hey fluther, Just wondering what you all think is the best genre of music to fall asleep to? Any suggestions?

I prefer house techno-esque type stuff to fall asleep mostly.

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Then I guess the best type of music for you to fall asleep by is techno-esque, whatever that is. Are you open to any other suggestions? Anything hints as to possible non-techno-esque things that we can suggest because if not, you’re looking for what’s best for you to fall asleep by, not necessarily what’s best in an absolute sense and only you can decide what’s best for you. Music to relax and sleep by is a very personal thing; some people probably find James Brown very soothing.

Anyway, I’ll go out on a limb and suggest, out of hundreds of possible choices, because this one has happened to come to mind at this moment:

Keith Jarrett’s Koln concerts for that sort of thing but I’m partial to pianos. What the hell, you will either like or you won’t.

Maybe others can do better; will have better suggestions.

(And sorry purists, no umlaut on that one, the Koln, that is. I don’t know how to umlaut on fluther)

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I prefer heavy metal or metalcore to fall asleep to because if I’m already tired, after a while it makes me feel like I’ve been running all day so I fall asleep after a song or two. But I think normal people can’t fall asleep to that kind of music.

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Avant-Garde because if your headphones stay on you can have some mad vivid dreams or wake up very annoyed through out the night.

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Echoes is IMO the best for falling asleep!

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Lately I’ve been falling asleep to melodic sad music.

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Music by Norah Jones is nice.It lovely when you’re awake too :)

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Cable music of the 60s and 70s. there is one channel that plays nothing but love songs of the 70s. really helps to fall asleep to Directv music of the 70s.

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Iron and Wine.

Or, you could try some Miles Davis Green in Blue.

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It’s melodic with few or no electronically enhance instruments. It can have soothing rhythms and sounds like echoes. Also some jazz. Anything to catch my mind and send it spinning into bliss.

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I guess my mom always used classical music to put me to sleep as a baby, and to this day if it’s being played I’m out like a light!!! It was so hard in ballet class as a child I wanted to sleep not dance!

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Thanks for the answers everyone. @lilycoyote yes im looking for other suggestions than just what I mentioned, otherwise I wouldnt have asked Just wondering what you all think is the best genre of music to fall asleep to? Any suggestions?

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Soft jazz is very soothing, like Ella Fitzgerald, and, as someone else mentioned, Norah Jones.

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Trip-Hop or Post-Rock, similar to what @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities said.

In general, long songs (around 7 minutes) work far better than short ones.

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Kpop, Techno/Dance.

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Music by Coldplay or Lifehouse helps me relax and fall asleep.

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