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What's the most beautiful skyline you've ever seen?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) September 21st, 2010

Was it a city? What city?

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Florida sun sets can be mind blowing.

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All of them: New York City on top of the Rockefeller, out at sea looking a various towns on mountain hills at night and day, on a small mountain overlooking a tropical paradise, watching the sun rise and set in the middle of the ocean, and seeing every single star possible with the naked eye on a night with no moon light in the middle of the ocean.

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The High Peaks of the Adirondacks, the next view of the mountians just past the high peaks on route 73, or the Wilmington Notch and the high cliffs there when the light turns them slightly purple. (I need another fix)

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My friends and I discovered an abandoned subdivision on top of a mountain.

We named it Eden.

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New York City. Anniversaries of 9/11, when the memorial beams are on.

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This summer we were driving through Nevada on our last leg of our road trip…not expecting anything great because it was Nevada and also just wanting to get home. We were in the middle of nowhere on the Extra Terrestrial Highway (lolol) and there was a chain of mountains we had been seeing for hours. But the sun started to set and it just got better and better and better. There were the brightest reds I’d ever seen. It was so beautiful. I almost crashed staring into the rearview mirror.

I’m sure I’ve seen better, but right now that’s all that comes to mind.

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The continental divide at dawn when viewed from camp located just under timberline (12000 ft.)

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Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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10,000 feet up from Haleakala on Maui. The sky is so blue and you can see the Big Island and Oahu.

As for cities, I am quite fond of my Boston.

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The view from my kitchen window i think is pretty okay.

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@rebbel Wow! Where is that?

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I have to say that for me one time, the most beautiful skyline was Phoenix’s (which normally has the ugliest one in the world) following a bumpy flight to end all bumpy flights.Flying across Arizona in the summer is always a challenge anyway, owing to the choppy air due to extreme heat—but this particular flight was the scariest I’ve ever been on.

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Here are two of my favorites:1 2

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I must say when I want to look at beautiful skies. I go to and go to wonder photos. They have some beautiful pictures taken by everyday people.

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New York City and watching sunset on Carmel Bay off the 10th hole at Pebble Beach.

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Well, I’m biased, but I really fucking love the SF skyline in the night. You can just see a hint of it from various places and I just think: that’s my city. :D

On the flip side, there’s an incredible view of a rocky alpine mountain ridge in El Dorado County, CA that you get from a vantage point along SR-88 near Kirkwood. Bloody amazing.

And of course the view of the sky over the Carson Valley from Kingsbury Grade in Nevada will always be on my Top 3 best views of all time.

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The Skyline Drive While there are others that have taken my breath way, this is where I grew up. It is the most beautiful because, when it comes into eyesight, I know I am home.

@Cruiser The view of the Chicago skyline was awesome from a boat cruise on the lake.
@ChazMaz One of the items on my Bucket List’ is to watch the sun rise while sitting on a Miami beach and then driving across Alligator Alley to Naples to watch a sunset…all in the same day.

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Utah State Parks, especially Zion national park.

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Grand Tetons!

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Grand Tetons. Secondly, Estes Park, Colorado.

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I have never, ever witnessed a sunset this huge and this gorgeous. the sun appeared so close that you throw a rock and hit it. it was huge! the earth appeared to be very small, compared to this gigantic ball of fire in the sky. a memory not soon forgotten… you can tell.

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Wow! Well, I’m a flat lander from Kansas, but I have family in Washington State. Many years ago, BC (Before Chilluns) my cousin too me hiking waaaaaay up a mountain side. The whole experience was just breathtaking. But when we got to the top I saw, far in the distance….a city, bathed in an emerald glow. It was unbelievably beautiful and surreal. It WAS, Seattle, “The Emerald City.” And now I know why it’s called that. From a distance it does have a green glow. Too cool. (My legs hurt to this day, though!)

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This is also one of my favorite sunsets that I can recall. My best friend and I had flown into San Francisco earlier that day to visit my brother…he took us up into the hills and we watched the sun set. I love that city.

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This comes real close for me.

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@deni that is sensational.

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@Aster i loove estes park. lucky for me i only live 40 minutes away! i love rocky mountain NP even more though. the beauty there is unmatched by anywhere else i have ever been.

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I’ve heard Switzerland and Austria are even prettier!

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@Aster Great call in re Estes Park Colorado. I used to work there on a dude ranch called Wind River Ranch (1972–3-4—). On days off we would climb Long’s Peak, one of the tallest mountains in the US (14,256 feet high). Also, Twin Sisters was a good hike. And of course the whole road that criss-crosses up the top of the mountain past the YMCA campground…and the road to Boulder! Such memories you have stirred just by mentioning that little town!

Wow! only 40 minutes away from Estes Park! Too cool.

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DutchessII. i have family in Seattle and Duvall. maybe they know each other??

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@Ben_Dover We lived in Greeley but we’d drive to EP often to a buffet with the girls. Once on the way home, my ex opened the car door and vomited on the street. I said, “well, I guess we won’t be going back There again” and he said, “oh, sure we will.”
EP reminds me of a huge, more impressive version of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

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@Aster Wow…Talk about synchronicity! I lived in Branson Mo for several years back in the 80s. Eventually worked in Arkansas building and operating a ten coop chicken ranch (20,000 birds per coop LOL)..Eureka Springs was a very interesting little artsy commune snuggled away in the mountains down there!

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Went to Branson 2 years ago to 24 Carrot Cake Bakery , met Dino Kartsonakis, I was stupid and told him he was “so thin” and he gave us a slice of carrot cake w/2 forks and had a VERY short film made of me with him. I bought a small carrot cake and it was the best cake EVER. Then to Blue Eye, Missouri to the village of Morningside with Jim Bakker. Didn’t see him; but waved to his piano player and his son Ricky. And finally to Gilberti’s restaurant for the worst pizza on this planet. Threw it out the window.

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From the hilltop of Michaelangelo Park in Florence, Italy overlooking the Arno River and the Ponte Vecchio is pretty darn awe-inspiring or the shores of Nice, France on the Cote-d Azur watching the local fishermen in their colorful, wooden boats bring in their catch of the day or from the rooftop of a Hong Kong hotel overlooking the magnificent harbor with Kowloon in the background or from the deck of a boat sailing a beam reach headed towards Southern Islands as the sun burns red over the crystal blue water or as the morning sun rises over the mountains as they reveal a blanket of glistening, knee deep snow waiting to be carved up. These are a few that come to mind.

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