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Found a very heavy bone its black and less than 6 inches long?

Asked by ccb (1points) September 21st, 2010

where do I find Identification of a bone ?

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Could you possibly take a picture of it? What is it shaped like?
I’m thinking that it’s a whale vertebrae, based on the description… but I don’t know.

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@ccb That is very odd. Where did you find it? A store, the beach, your backyard?

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Do you have a dog?

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Black and heavy? Could be a fossil that would be too cool. Plus if it is from an unknown species you would get to name it. How about a koukousauris?

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Does it appear to be a fossil or something more recent? If it looks like a fossil I would start with the paleontology department of your local university.

Too bad you weren’t in Austin last weekend. The Texas Memorial Museum at UT sponsored a geology day in which the encouraged people to bring in these very sort of items and had staff from the paleontology department on hand to give them a look.

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Pictures, a description of the conditions in which it was found, and a general location would be a big help.

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@YoBob Fossilization actually doesn’t take very long at all.

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