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Second anniversary gift ideas for my wife?

Asked by cockswain (15254points) September 21st, 2010

I’ll probably take her to a jazz club for dinner, and saw the traditional gift for the second anniversary is cotton. I’d like some creative but not too expensive ideas (many expenses recently). A loose description of her personality: liberal, organic, environmental, spiritual yet hates religion, very artistic and creative, wonderful singer, 33 years old, likes “making things,” likes hiking, enjoys cooking, likes volunteering, reading, and also runs a home staging business with local artists’ art. And she’s currently featured in Better Homes and Gardens for some holiday garlands she crotched.

All serious submissions will be considered.

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“Enjoys cooking”

Get her a lasagna tray. Worked for my ex wife.

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Since you enjoy her singing, maybe you could arrange for her to have a little recording session and record a favorite song. It would be a really nice experience for her, show how proud you are of her voice and you would both have something to remember it by. Many cities have small recording studios that are not that pricey and they could probably help you out with an accompanist – like a pianist, etc. If you have any musician friends, they might have a small recording space at home or in their rehearsal hall. If she’s not easily unnerved and you know a song she is comfortable singing on the fly, you could see if a local band would let her sit in on a song when they perform live and be prepared to videotape it

Since she’d have to choose what she’d like to sing, you could give her the time at the studio as a gift certificate and then she will be able to prepare for it. My SO loves my singing too, and it makes me happy all over and very proud when he asks for me to sing. Think of what a nice thing that would be to listen to in years to come with your children (if you have kids) and grandchildren.

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Sounds like something artsy or kitcheny would be best. Do you guys have a Peppercorn where you live? They have soooooooooooo much kitchen stuff. Some of it is really beautiful plates and stuff and if you’d rather get her something more utilitarian they have a ton of interesting gadgets and just awesome shit period. Maybe you should just browse a kitchen store….you know what she likes, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find something she’d really like just by looking around.

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This is a really cute cotton dress. Here434_-{keyword}&kw={keyword} is another.

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You could get her a matching cotton tablecloth and linen set.

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@diavolobella You know, you gave me a great idea. I can play piano, and she’s been wanting us to work on some jazz piano with her singing. Maybe I’ll find a couple songs for us to work on. Bottle of organic wine too. The recording studio is a great idea too, but she’s actually put out a CD before. If I had the songs handy I’d put up a link. She has zero stage fright, loves performing.

@deni We live in Denver (don’t you remember when I recommended the Walnut Room to you once? Silly.) I’ll look to see if a Peppercorn is around. She has a million different ethnic cookbooks, and lots of cool gadgets, but more cool gadgets are even more cool.

@marinelife Thanks for the tip, but it’s tomorrow. Plus I’ve had bad luck guessing her size in the past. Too small, and she feels fat. Too large, and she thinks I think she’s fat.

@WestRiverrat I could, but a nice set can get pretty pricey. Thanks though.

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@cockswain NEIGHBOR!!! hahaha i forgot that was you! well if there isnt one there, there IS one in Boulder. I went in a few weeks ago and about dropped dead when I saw some of the teapots they had. Does she like tea? That’d be a cool gift.

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OK, well one sure fire thing is to make a memory book of your time together. Put together photos, ticket stubs and other things that remind you of her.

If you can, write something on each page.

She will treasure it.

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@ChazMaz Sorry, she has at least one lasagna pan. Thanks though.

@deni She absolutely loves tea. I got her a tea pot she loves a couple years ago, but my daughter recently thought it would be wise to boil the water with a tea bag in it and then kind of scratched up the inside trying to clean it. Not a bad idea. Looks like there’s one on Pearl St. Maybe we could get dinner down there then go to Peppercorn. That’s an option. I was going to go to Dazzle, just because we love jazz and they have good food. But Boulder is fun too. Drop dead teapots sounds pretty exciting.

@marinelife That’s also a good idea. You guys have helped me get the wheels turning with some great ideas for sure. Thanks.

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A locket with a picture of you two in it, and engraved I love you so much.
If you want traditional and it is cotton. A lap blanket(cotton) in her favorite color. and a good book. Make her dinner.

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Would she like a good spa quality terry cotton robe? If you think yes then get her a gift certificate for a mani/pedi at a salon, send her out and you prepare a dinner at home with candles, music, a few fresh flowers and her favorite drink/s. Go buy bath sheet sized towels, put a few candles on a tray in the bathroom, set out some lotion and hairbrush. When she comes home then have her shower with you, change into her plushy robe and join you for gorgeous dinner. Afterwards kick back, watch movies, lather each other up with lotion and maybe have some nekid fun.

Happy Anniversary.

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@ChazMaz is that why she’s your ex wife?

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@ChazMaz: I think I would’ve cried if my husband or SO got me something like that.

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You might consider the book Griffin & Sabine by Nick Bantock. It can usually be picked up at any chain bookstore. Since it is a series, you could get all of them or stretch it out by giving her the next ones for future celebrations. They are exceptionally artsy and very romantic. And as a male friend later told me after giving it to his wife as a gift, it earned him ‘boinking’ points.

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@Pied_Pfeffer: Those books are sweet, my mom had the whole series.

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@Neizvestnaya As tremendous as that sounds, the anniversary is tomorrow night and that would be out of my budget. Would definitely keep me set on blowies for a few weeks for sure if I did that though.

@Pied_Pfeffer That sounds like a fine idea and I may just do that. She read all the Diana Gobblecock (Gabaldon) books and enjoyed them as her guilty pleasure. Hooking her up with an artsy romantic series sounds like a good thing, as well as paves the way for easy gifting in the future.

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@cockswain. I’m glad you liked the suggestion. Whatever you choose to do, I hope it’s a very happy anniversary!

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@cockswain: tee hee… blowsies.

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@Neizvestnaya blowies, not blowsies. I don’t like the sound of blowsies for some reason. Sounds lame somehow.

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High quality egyptian cotton sheets would be a good “cotton” gift.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Hey, I got her that book. Hope she likes it, thanks for the idea. It got great reviews.

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Thanks for the update. Based upon your description of her tastes, I bet that she will. I’ll even offer to refund you the cost of the book if she doesn’t. Let us know if she likes it.

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That’s nice of you to offer, but unnecessary. It definitely looks pretty artsy and cool. Maybe I’ll even read it, looks like it’ll only take 45 minutes or so. Solid work, @Pied_Pfeffer , solid work. I’ll even give you a +2 and add you to my highly selective fluther just to show how thankful I am ; )

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Thank you for the honor! Just another thought…if you want to take it a step further, read it together and take turns. She can read the correspondence from Sabine and you can read Griffin’s. It might be kind of sexy.

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I don’t know, that sort of thing really takes me out of my comfort zone. I’d feel like an enormous dork doing that. But she’d definitely like it. Maybe if I had a few beers first. It’s just how I am. I’m better at fixing things and playing sports.

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I completely understand. My SO would probably feel the same way.

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So she finished that book in about 30 minutes and immediately wanted the next one. Her birthday is in November (the day before mine, neat huh?). Guess what she’s getting?

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:) There is also stationery for sale when you run out of the books.

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You could book her into a one day/evening cooking class (is there a cuisine she’s been dying to learn? Thai, Indian, Vegetarian?) then present her with a pretty cotton potholder as the “hint.”

Or you could purchase a small potted cottonwood tree that the two of you could plant together as a symbol of your 2nd anniversary. My brother and sister in law planted a tree in their yard when they got married. It’s been ten years and they have a huge beautiful tree in their back yard.

Or you could present her with a gift certificate to have a romantic photo of the 2 of you taken, which would then be framed and matted with acid free cotton rag mat board. To save a few bucks, try to find a good friend who is a good photographer and willing to take the photos for free then have it taken in an outside setting such as the beach or the mountains.

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