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Unique and cute anniversary ideas?

Asked by Kandy (363points) May 2nd, 2012

So my boyfriend and I are nearing our one year. eep! Haha, and I’m not really a romantic. I want to do something really special for/with him, but I’m at a loss. Plus, I don’t have room to spend buckets of money. Any ideas/suggestions? Anything that you’ve done with your other half?

Details: He loves music, ex. hardcore, old rock. Movies, technology. videogames. And the like.

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Make him a mix CD of his favorites.

Prepare a scrapbook of your year together. Include photos, memorabilia (ticket stubs, etc.)

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For our tenth anniversary, romantic Charles bought his wife a US Savings Bond.

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How does he play music? Does he download or purchase CDs? Some ideas are: an iTunes or local music store gift card, a stand with speakers for whatever mobile device he owns, an internet radio.

For movies, does he have a favorite actor? What genres does he like? How about tracking down some that he hasn’t seen yet or really liked, but hasn’t seen in ages? What about a boxed set?

Has he ever mentioned an old television show that he enjoyed? These are usually available on DVD and at reasonable prices. I bought Lost for the SO for Christmas, and we had a blast watching the series together.

Would he be interested in any type of memorabilia? eBay is one of my favorite places to shop for ideas. For example, the SO is a John Lennon fan. I’ve been considering buying one of Lennon’s lithographs as a wedding present. If your guy has a favorite movie, there are often posters available. Autographs of performers and musicians as well.

You mentioned that you aren’t a romantic, but is he? That might help with some additional brain-storming.

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None of us can really answer this for you since we dont know your relationship. What is something that has been symbolic or meaningful in your relationship? If you can think of something around that, that’d be the most romantic way to go. But otherwise, guys are simple, much more so than girls at least, just figure out something he really is into and get him somethin related to that and he’ll be happy. Anniversaries are more about the woman anyway.

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Are you a member of any music listening site like Pandora or LastFm? If so then by your zipcode they will give you links of upcoming venues based on artists you’ve listened to. Some lives shows are very reasonable, like under $25.00 per person.

Are either of you outdoorsy? You can google you local parks & recreation site to see what’s offered in the way of kayak, paddle boat, canoe, kite sail boat, etc. Take a picnic along for the day.

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You could make a photo album of the two of you. I like the idea of his favorite music on a CD too.

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