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Ip address failed!!!! help?

Asked by varey14 (57points) March 29th, 2008

i have a ethernet connecter to connect my xbox and computer and wen i tested connection it says wired but then ip address failed i have tried lots of things but nothing is workin did any1 else have this problem… i have phoned xbox helpline and they were pretty crap please help

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We need more information. How is your xbox connected to your network? Where is your cable-modem? Do you have a router?

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So you managed to hook up the Xbox! if you tell us how you did it we will be able to help you out.

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all i needed was an ethernet connecter and i plugged it in and it said wired but the ip address always fails we’ve tried loads of diffeerent thing but none work please help

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Wheres the cable coming from? Router, Computer etc

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If you’re connected to your computer, you need to be sure that your computer has Internet Connection Sharing turned on. If you’re on a Mac, make sure you have Internet Sharing on. You’ll usually need to set the IP address on the Xbox static (connecting to Mac, it’s usually or something like that).

Again, it all depends on how you have it hooked up.

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@ benkreeger IP addresses vary al over the world, you just obviously gave your own away, bad decision

RIGHT, whenever this happens to me I find out what my IP address is, (loads of methods, just google it) then you manually type it into the xbox under Xbox Live settings. it should be easy enough to do.

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I think the problem is the fact that the cable isn’t plugged into anything on the other end, according to your description.

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Actually richardhenry you make a good point, is this router being directed straight into a computer that isn’t connected to the internet? if so, there is your problem! (I connect my Xbox into my router)

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