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How do I get a first person view, driving in Grand theft auto 4 on xbox360?

Asked by majorrich (14721points) January 14th, 2011

I was playing my son’s X-box Grand theft Auto 4 and after a number of failures and spectacular crashes, accidently mashed a combination of buttons where I had a view from behind the wheel! That made driving a lot easier! I’ve not been able to duplicate the feat which is very frustrating for a rookie game player. (even though I am 50 lol!) Does anyone know what I did to get that view while driving?

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I think you just keep pressing Back and it cycles through the available views.

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How bout you read that little booklet that comes with the game. I’m not sure, but I think it tells you what buttons do what in there.

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Alas, if only I could find the box that has the booklet in it. I’ve googled for help and have been unsuccessful in finding what I need. He’s playing now so I will wait my turn again and try the Back button thing and see how that works. Driving cars at high speed like an R/C car just doesn’t seem like the way to do it in a game that requires a lot of car thievery and mayhem. My son calls it ‘getting my crime on’ lol

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It’s no fun to drive the cars successfully in that game. Forget first-person. Keep crashing.

Otherwise in the “game options” and “control” settings there should be a detailed list of the butons necessary for changing the camera view in game. Look for “controller assignments”, “buttons” or any of the above.

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YEAH! the Back button thing works! Thanks guys! It wasn’t in the pamphlet thing or anywhere I could find.

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I agree with dverhey I thought the whole point of that game was to crash into a bunch of shit :P

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