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Are there any infamous things you like to do?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) September 23rd, 2010

This is about your personal taste that is against the taste of most people around you,in other words,you have the rare/minority taste from all. I wish I can rephrase this in better way. i.e. The majority of people nowadays use facebook but you don’t,most people order coffee when they’re in cafe but you order green tea,most people go jogging in the morning but you do it at night,etc.

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I write with my left hand only 10% of the population do this

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I putt both left handed and right handed. Which i use, depends on the way the ball breaks. I’ve played golf for 42 years and only seen two other people do that.

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I don’t like facebook and I have been known to play in the mud.

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@partyparty I am a leftie. I add pickles to cottage cheese.Still waiting to find someone who does that.

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I don’t own an iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, GPS, or a gazillion other little devices that no one around me can seem to live without.

@Frenchfry I do. I love pickles and cottage cheese. It is awesome for lunch with half of a sandwich, or even by itself. Yum.

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I like drinking a cup of hot water on a cold day if I’ve already had too much caffeine.
@TheOnlyNeffie I don’t own any of those devices either.

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I don’t text.

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I never got an iPod either. I got this generic, $40 MP3 player that is better than any iPod for one reason: Tempo control. I can speed up or slow down any song I play. It is great for those songs that sound great, but would sound even better if you are in a certain mood and want it to sound slower or faster.

I also like to learn and read books and educate myself about things I don’t know. You know…that whole questioning and curious personality. It seems this motivation is lacking a lot with people my age.

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@Cruiser Wow that is unusual!!

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@lucillelucillelucille um mm…playing in the mud can be lots of fun!

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@Cruiser that was me until one day, felt bad, and texted my s/o. Now, I love it. Much easier than talking on the phone.

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I’ve done infamous things…I don’t think it goes with this thread ;)

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@BoBo1946, @partyparty and @Deja_vu…Call me a freak but I like the sound of a person’s voice when I need to communicate with them! Actually it is my bad eyesight that makes calling much easier!!

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@Deja_vu I’m with you!
@Cruiser FREAK!!! :D

I’m infamous for never seeing Titanic. That doesn’t really count, I guess, but that shiz was everywhhhherrrre in the late 90s.

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@Cruiser well, my bifocals take care of that…but, if you ever do it, you will love it.

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@Cruiser I don’t like texting much. Only for brief communication.
@SundayKittens Totally :)

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@Deja_vu could not agree more….that is why i like it. They have short phrases embedded in the phone that make it really easy. For example, I’m running late, I love you, hey you, Hi, etc etc. Anything to keep me off the phone, I’m for…spent too many years working on the phone.

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Most people walk by discarded pennies on the ground. I always pick them up.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities You and a lot of other people as I don’t see them as much as I used to.

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I got rid of my stupid touch screen/slider phone and bought a new flip phone just yesterday. I will not ever get another. (Hate, hate, hate!) And my Starbucks drink is not on the menu, so I don’t take it “as is” I have to special order it.

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I’ve never had a Facebook and don’t think i ever will!!

I actually still write letters, which people think i’m mad for doing…for private and for business i write one rather than print off from the PC.

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pee in the shower.

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I don’t like twitter. I don’t get it at all.

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@shpadoinkle_sue me either…do like texting however.

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Apparently not tweeting or doing facebook is not all that rare. A couple of folks have mentioned that they don’t do either.

As for me, pretty much all of my hobbies are out of the main stream. I am attracted to arcane arts. Humans have been solving the same basic problems of living since the dawn of time and have a tendency to repeatedly re-invent the wheel in light of current technologies. However, I have found that sometimes the old school ways of doing things are often just as good, or even preferable to the modern equivalent.

I count among my arcane hobbies:

Leather carving
Blacksmithing (with all traditional hand tools and a coal fired forge)
Cooking (ok, not arcane, but I can make things in a dutch oven that I would not be ashamed to serve to Mario Batalli)
Flint Knapping
And my current project, boot making

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I’m seeing a lot on this list that I agree with.

1. I don’t have an i-Anything. I had a little, tiny MP3 player 6 or 7 years ago. It only held like 40 songs. I only bought it to listen to something other than Fox News at my old gym. It might be in the desk drawer or something.

2. I read. A lot. And I’m not very choosy about what. ^_^

3. I always pick up change. Well, now I point change out to my son, he screams “A MONEY!!” and picks it up. Then we bring it home and put it in his Monkey Bank. He gets all my spare change, too. When he amasses enough cash ($15), we’re off to Ikea to get him a train set.

4. My phone is the cheapest model of the most inexpensive prepaid Walmart cell phone. Suck it, Steve Jobs/Nokia/allyouothermuthafuckers.

5. @YoBob – I want to be your apprentice.

6. I make my own clothes. Well, not pants… but shirts, skirts, and dresses. I make costumes, too – Halloween and Renn Faire every year!

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I’ve never had an Ipod, mp3 or anything other than my cd player. I have a cell phone but never carry it with me and only rarely turn it on. I read 5 newspapers cover to cover every day. I’m not on facebook and never tweated. I love a good veal parm.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Sounds like we are somewhat kindred spirits.

I do have an iPod, but it was the first prize in a salsa contest so it’s not like I went out and bought it. It is currently crammed full of 8Gb of listening material ranging from old school delta blues, to classical, to out of print jazz from the 50s, to popular music from the 60’s to the present day, and yes, even a couple of almost unknown albums from the 80’s that I did some guitar work on. A hefty percentage came from my rather extensive and well preserved vinyl collection.

As for phone, I admit to having iphone envy from time to time. Then I remind myself I pay $8:00 per month for my pre-paid Tracfone. Best cell phone deal in America IMHO.

I’d love to improve my sewing skills, I can stitch a seam, but am not anywhere near comfortable enough to make a nice button down shirt.

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I often times pee hands free whilst filing my nails :¬)

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I love cold weather and will go out in the rain in the usual Californian-attire (shorts, a hoodie, and sandals) without much problem. All my friends call me crazy for it. The first thing out their mouths is always, “Aren’t you going to get sick?!” or “Aren’t you cold?!”

Other than that, I have found that the things I don’t like have made me infamous in my circle: I have never drank coffee or alcohol and I’ve never eaten a burger (and I’ve no intention in changing this); I don’t drive; I don’t go out partying.

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I never say ’bless you’ when someone sneezes.

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ah chew !!!!

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@BoBo1946 Hossin-Pepper
That’s my response to my grand children. Yeah, they think I’m nutsy.

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Once, out of sheer idiocy, I threw a snowball really high so it would land in the middle of a crowd of people. I felt really bad about right after I threw it! Fortunately the only thing that happened was a little snow down a woman’s shirt, and I apologized profusely. Not something I would normally do… don’t know what came over me.

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I don’t have a cellphone
I don’t use any social network except Fluther(I’m not even sure Fluther is a social network)
I never drank alcohol or coffee,I never smoked.
I like to go to movies alone not in a group.
Everybody likes European football in the world,I like tennis and basketball.

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I don’t drink. Everyone thinks I’m the kind of person that would.

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I don’t watch television.

Exception: every four years I watch the winter Olympics and the presidential debates and election coverage. That’s it.

I think the OP means “nonconforming,” not “infamous.”

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@AmWiser loll… well, my grandchildren usually say, “bless you!”

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Most women wear women’s clothing. I don’t.

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I don’t have an mp3 player of any kind. Mainly because I hate the earplug things and can never get them to stay in my ears.

Like @Jeruba I don’t watch TV. (Though I will, if they make a new series of Torchwood).

I go to a folk club every week and I sing songs like this

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@MissAnthrope Does that include underwear?
Infamous: I once got too friendly with a person at a convention, and discovered he wasn’t with our group. Before that, I was called “The Hug Lady”.
Unconventional: I don’t wear shoes unless I have to.

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@YARNLADY – I generally wear women’s underwear, but I do like men’s underwear, too. It’s really, surprisingly comfortable.

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I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only ones who don’t like to use facebook and twitter (I’m not very good at social network and I don’t like such site),and also anything with-i (I’m probably a technophobic). Most people around me make such things as their daily necessity but I don’t. I also don’t watch TV very much unless it’s a special documentary show from National Geographic.

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This jelly doesn’t twitter either.

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I drink the juice from pickled pickle jars. And fuck Facebook.

Also I hate purses. I use a bag made outta hemp to carry my shit around.

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@camertron LOLL I know you apologised, but I bet you had a little chuckle about it afterwards didn’t you?

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@Symbeline “I drink the juice from pickled pickle jars”

Ah! Ack! Uuuugghhhh…....My mouth hurts now lol.

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@Symbeline Your nuts. :)
I’m male, don’t pay any attention to Pro football, baseball or basketball. But the NHL preseason has begun. Yay And MLS is ok too.

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@partyparty a little until my girlfriend gave me “the look.” Carly, if you’re reading this, I actually did feel pretty bad…

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Pickle juice cleans out ye old system quite fine! My grandpa did that too.

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shouldnt it be unorthodox instead of infamous? Hitler is infamously known for killing the jews, hatred of facebook is just unorthodox.

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