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Do you believe that accumulated lurve determine the quality of the answer?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) August 11th, 2010

We usually see in a question that some of the post got lots of lurve than other post even though they all provide constructive idea but just from different ideology/perspective. Sometime we can also see that ‘personal attack’ posts got higher lurve than other constructive posts. I see the lurving system here as the majority VS minority system,whereas minority good post would not get good lurve just because the majority of people don’t favor that post from their personal view of point. I also believe that seniority provide regular ‘costumer’ for the post most of the time.

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No,I sure don’t ;)

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You’re taking it (“lurving system”) too seriously. Who cares?

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No, stupid is what stupid is perceived as does.

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No not always, because you will see lurve for perfectly good answers, as well as for just very witty answers.

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Really, we’re just a bunch of people having fun on the internet. No one really cares. It’s not like you get to take a large, blue, stuffed animal dog home at the end of the day.

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Think of it like Whose Line – everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.


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@jjmah What is important for some could be different for others. You’re so careless about other issue that isn’t satisfied your personal expectation. I’m not asking about the ‘reward’,I clearly ask about how the accumulation of lurve determine the quality of the answer.

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@Doctor_D Well, I hope that you get your answer. :)


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The answer is of good quality if it speaks to you, or helps you with your situation. The points are ultimately meaningless.

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Large, blue, stuffed animal dog?

Hey! I want one of those.

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I agree with @jjmah . Lurve can sometimes follow a well-written response, but is usually the exception rather than the rule. Lurve is just something we have fun with, trying to attach status to it is an error. I’ll often give lurve to an answer that, while not “great”, is IMO just as good as others that have gotten lurve, but haven’t received any.

Where’s my stuffed pink elephant?

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If an answer has a lot of GA’s, I know that I lot of people liked what it says, that’s all. The person’s actual lurve score has no bearing on the quality of their answer.

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No, some of my best answers….get no lurves…and then, I say something stupid, and get a bunch! There is some luck involved. If there are lots of answers, some never get read.

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Possibly w/some people who put any validity in other people’s opinions or who need a guide as to what to go by.It can’t hurt and does no harm that I can see.But actually it is not needed for people who can think for themselve’s!

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I just gave everyone lurve.Am I going to get kicked out? Seriously I am here for fun. I find we are all have different personalities. Some can express them well, some express them witty . Some agree and some don’t. Oh! Well

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The quality of the answer stands on its own merits. The accumulation of lurve has nothing to do with the quality of the answer.

It is sometimes reflective of a good answer.

Other times, an answer, usually one farther down in the thread, is overlooked.

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Many of the questions and answers on this site are subjective. They are discussions… not necessarily questions with definitive answers. Of course lurve is often given when someone agrees with what you’ve said, because in many cases that is the nature of the question being asked.

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I do not judge jellies by their lurve score, I judge them on their contribution to The Collective. Great answers and great questions are great whether the jelly has 100 or 100,000 lurve.

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Besides, if you have “super” in front of your name. Well, you have to be super.

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@ChazMaz I do believe in truth in advertising.

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Speaking for myself, I lurve based on the content of an answer rather than who wrote it.

If someone just arrived yesterday and gave a well considered answer I lurve it. What difference does it make that they just got here ?

As a matter of fact, if a newcomer makes ANY attempt at all to answer, I’ll lurve it just to encourage them. As long as they aren’t trolling, trying to start a flame war or posting total crap, I’m pretty quick to lurve a newcomer more frequently cuz most of the old timers already know I appreciate them.

That’s just how I see it.

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I do this for fun and maybe to learn something every now and then. I am not trying to reach any goals. I don’t care about lurves. I do like “Great Question”, because I think that the question is more important than the answer.

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There is no seniority – people with the most lurve have been here longer and provide consistent good responses, not because they’re worshipped or better or cooler or whatever. Sometimes, an asnwer that’s low quality can get some GAs but I guarantee you that an answer that gets 10 GAs is quality. Besides, I give GAs a lot and am maxed out on most people – you do know we can only give 100 points of lurve to each user…this means that if a person has 10 000 poings, 100 different people gave them 100 lurve points…that’s 100 different people who can’t all be ‘in on it’.

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Worship don’t hurt. ;-)

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There’s a lot of preoccupation with lurve lately. It’s like being at a Barry White concert with the chef from South Park on backing vocals. To answer your question, that’ll be a big juicy fat NO!!!

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Well, I think I agree with you on a couple of points. I do think that people give lurve based on whether they agree with the point of view. I think this is only natural. It is hard to see the value of a post that says something you think is wrong. Clearly that person is not thinking very well. So, to that extent, lurve on a question can be a popularity contest for that point of view.

Some people are willing to give lurve for opinions they do not agree with because the opinion is given in a well-written or well-argued way. This is difficult to do, because it is hard to separate the quality of the argument from the quality of the opinion. Some people seem to be able to do it better than others. I’m not so good at that.

I know that if I am going to give an unpopular or unconventional point of view, I had better get my ducks lined up in a row (get my arguments in shape). I usually try to tell a story about my experience when I’m doing that because people seem to respond to stories better than arguments.

Probably like and dislike enters into it. If you like the person you might be more inclined to lurve them than if you dislike them, even if you think it is a good comment.

I don’t think it is as much seniority as reputation that affects how people treat you. I think that if people have doubts about an answer, they will give it a second look if it comes from someone they respect. Otherwise, they will be more likely to pass on to the next answer.

I think this is natural human behavior. We are more comfortable with what and who we know. We want to know what our friends have to say. People we don’t know—well, they have a barrier to overcome because they are not as well known. A lot of people are here to get to know people. They know that new people often don’t stick around. So it’s not worth as much time reading them. Once a person has proved they are serious about the place, then they start getting more attention, assuming people like what they have to say.

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No.I hope not!

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@Doctor_D, please forgive the personal remark, but I think you worry way too much about lurve, points, judgments, and recognition.

Just to be literal about your question, “determine” (in this context) means to cause or control. Lurve does not cause or control an answer. The answer comes first, and the lurve, if any, comes afterward. So the answer has to be no.

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if so, i would have more lurves than @Jeruba and @wundayatta combined! i would own the mansion! how much money would i get?

Just “yanking the proverbial chain!” ....well, my hat goes off to @Jeruba! She seems to be always <spot on>! She always gets my lurves. If there was a “Queen of Fluther,” my vote goes to her! Oh course, we all know that Chaz would be the King!

Hopefully, tonight i can get some sleep…. Just been terribly concerned about my lurves lately!

@Doctor_D good question my friend. Provoked a lot of discussion and enjoyment.

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@BoBo1946 – Take two Milk-Bone’s and call me in the morning.

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@BoBo1946 No, I’m the king of fluther. Obv.

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Yep, she is the King. ;-)

And I like it!

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Loll….. love it. Lurves to @ChazMaz and @Simone_De_Beauvoir ! will let you two decide that one!

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nope, only quantity

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nope…but i do enjoi the points =D

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No question about it. YES!

My 22458 says so.

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Optical lurve density is the logarithm of incident Fluther answer quality divided by transmitted body mass index of blue elephants.

Otherwise I totally agree with @ChazMaz.

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@mattbrowne I think the green elephant index is a bit more accurate, because it corrects for magnetic time dilation on the inverse lurve quota.

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@mattbrowne and @wundayatta “Ummm, just some floccinaucinihilipilification”.

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Seriously, I think the answer @Doctor_D is looking for is not an easy one. I’m sure some correlation can be determined, perhaps even some kind of formula. The problem is that we can count lurve, but how to determine the actual quality of an answer? There is no simple objective way.

So is the lurving system a majority VS minority system (whereas minority good post would not get good lurve just because the majority of people don’t favor that post from their personal view of point)?

To a certain degree perhaps. A good example is

Actually, I was a bit irritated about this kind of majority favoritism and lurve nepotism and said so openly. I am probably part of a minority in this thread, but as the thread continues minorities seem to get some lurve too. Crowd culture can have the effect that we get carried away reinforcing our beliefs again and again. I’m no exception. But the Fluther community is diverse enough and most of us are open to challenge their assumptions. So the relationship of accumulated lurve and the quality of answers might be a complicated one.

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I think this is one thing that Answerbag had on Fluther – there was a stats box on each person’s profile, that stated the percentage of questions and answers that received positive feedback, verses negative feedback.

One could use that to determine whether the “answerer” was a reliable source.

Now, taking into account that we don’t have negative Lurve-ing here (thank you, Fluther gods!) it would be interesting to see a ratio of Lurve to moderated answers.

Like, @Seek_Kolinahr has 18,492 answers. 82% have Lurve. 26% have 5 or more Lurve.. 1496 answers moderated

Just making up numbers in my head, there.

That might give some idea as to who in the community gives consistently “good” answers.

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“Do you believe that accumulated lurve determine the quality of the answer?”

It would if a T-shirt was involved.

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@Seek_Kolinahr – Thanks for sharing the Answerbag approach. Very interesting. And I agree, negative lurve would seriously harm a community.

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I usually lurve all replies to questions I ask [ even the stupid ones ] because they took a few minutes to reply so I give something back .

Though most people here run in packs and when one gives an answer most “friends” lurve him no matter how good or bad that answer is . So it’s kinda hard to see what answers are really good until you read them all [ and this takes time and some of us don’t have that time ] . I have to admit that I lurve my friends too whenever I see they respond [ but his because I know for sure they won’t bother replying if they didn’t think they had something to say . ]

Negative lurve has advantages and disadvantages but remember [ since most run in packs one could easily end up with a lot of negative lurve for a response just because one of that pack was “harmed” by the poster in a way or another ] ... though negative lurve would be good if we had to argument our decision to give negative lurve based on whatever he / she answered [ NOT the things that are not in concordance with they way we see things just replies off topic or out of context ] .

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As long as it sparks an interesting conversation, who cares about rewards.
The conversation is the reward in itself.

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