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Multiple google email accounts. What are my options?

Asked by jackm (6200points) September 23rd, 2010

I have a personal domain managed through google apps, a school account managed through google apps, and two gmail accounts.

I don’t know too much about integration of accounts, so could some google savy person tell me what they would do to make their life easier?

Too be honest, I wouldn’t mind keeping them all separate, but I now use Chrome and google notifier (on mac) and it keeps opening different accounts depending on what I logged into last.

I guess what I would like to do is keep my inboxes separate, yet log in using only 1 account and be able to select which account I send an email from when I compose. Is this even possible, and if so, how?

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Its impossible unless you designate certain emails by people to go into a certain folder. Good luck :)

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@mrlaconic has the modern answer.

But I have been using addresses from 2 Gmail, 1 Yahoo and 1 personal domain with a single login for a long time.

It’s all done in Gmail Settings/Accounts. Add Gmail acounts, grrab non-Gmail messages via POP. And set up Send As for those accounts.

Create filters to label and separate incoming mail, if you want to be aware of which account you are using.

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But I don;t think you can choose which email address you are sending mail from… can you?

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@lilikoi Yes, when you compose a Gmail message the From field is a drop-down menu, you can choose which account does the sending.

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@jaytkay Really? I don’t have a drop down menu!! I wonder if it is an option I have to enable or something?

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Ahh good thing I asked. I just realized that I wasn’t actually getting any email sent to my other accounts because they weren’t being forwarded! Now I see the drop down box. Thank you!

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