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Why are cats not sensitive to tickling?

Asked by rebbel (31523points) September 23rd, 2010

I just was reminded of tickling and then this question that i asked myself some times came up again.
Why do cats (and other animals too?) don’t seem to be sensitive for tickling?
When i pet my pussycat, especially in her pits, she doesn’t move or laugh.
Does anyone know why that is?

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They are…my rabbit loves to be tickled.

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Yeah, it was you who triggered my question, @Cruiser.
But you say she/he loves it, so is it tickling then?

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Judging by the spazzed leap and squeal from him it is…almost identical reaction my now 11 yr old has

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Hold on…let me test this…

I just got my ass kicked by a Maine Coon XD

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Lots of cats are. Especially their feet.

It’s a rare cat that will stand for foot tickling. lol

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Just find the response part of kitty’s body. Cats are definitely responsive to tickling and will give in to that helpless mode when you find the trigger. My boy cat becomes a ball of jelly when I rub the third vertebrae up from the base of the tail. He can’t even control his response, it’s just like tickle-torture! He rolls away from it and back into it. I call it having a catgasm

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A ‘catgasm’ hahahaha

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I’m pretty sure my cat’s belly is ticklish. She lets me hold her like a baby and do all kinds of affectionate things, but touching her belly in any way will quickly end in claws and teeth. It seems to go beyond just the innate protection of the vulnerable bits.. the only thing I can think is that it tickles.

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Hrmm, it is too late now for editing, but it seems i had to ask:
“Why is my cat not sensitive to tickling?”
She is with me for about ten years now, so i am pretty sure i touched her every part of her furry body, but believe me, i didn’t find the tickle spot on her.
Keeps on searching.

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Maybe you are not touching her right. Maybe you need some tickling lessons. haha

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Try touching the hairs between her pads…that always got both of mine reacting! And I have the scars to prove it!

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I already got my first lesson, from @JilltheTooth.

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My cats go crazy if you tickle their stomachs or feet. I’m not sure that they are not ticklish. Though, I imagine our bare skin is more sensitive than their fur covered skin. So maybe we are more ticklish?

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Some cats are some cats aren’t.

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If you touch my cat any lower than his ribs he becomes aroused, we try to avoid that. Though we’ve had him since he was way too young he wouldn’t let me touch his legs or hug him for a really long time. His paws are sensitive enough to tickle but I don’t do that. The effect of tickling is mostly psychological and cats don’t think about things the same way that humans do.

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@rebbel : So? Did it work? Is she ticklish there? And, BTW, why do you want to tickle your cat??? ;-)

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I have no idea, but if you get your cat to laugh please let us know! lol :)

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