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Who won america's got talent?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4851points) September 25th, 2010

I just realized that I missed the last episode. Who won? And I’m here anyway so, who did you want to win?

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Michael Grimm (the singer with the hat) won over the young opera singer.

I liked Prince Poppycock or Fighting Gravity as far as being viable Vegas acts but AGT is really annoying to watch. It drags on too long, I dislike the unnecessary celebrity acts, the overproduced numbers by the finalists, the frenetic camera work. I now watch the first few auditions and then the results shows On Demand so I can skip most of the nonsense.

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Michael Grimm won. I don’t know if I wanted him to win, but he was my favorite by far. I think that like @Blueroses said, the other two would have made the most sense as a Vegas act. But Grimm was definitely my favorite performer.
Which is funny, because I always complain that they have so many singers and dancers on that show, since singers and dancers already have their own TV competitions. I just fell in love with his voice, the man is really talented.
I definitely did NOT want the little girl to win. (I forget her name.)

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@TheOnlyNeffie Agreed. I would usually prefer a “different” talent to win, along the lines of Terry Fator, because there are showcases for singers and dancers. Michael Grimm is very likable and talented so I didn’t mind his win. I just don’t know that I’d shell out big bucks to watch him perform in Vegas compared to some of the other acts. I think there should be an age limit on the performers. Prodigies like Jackie Evancho (I had to look up the name) can be amazing to watch but they don’t have the emotional maturity to handle fame and it smacks of exploitation.

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I wanted Taylor Matthews to win. He seemed like a “real” person. Not as polished as Michael Grimm was. Plus, he was cute. ;)

I was amazed at Jackie Evancho (@TheOnlyNeffie). That’s it. I didn’t like how she talked and acted. Just too polished. Plus, I’d hate to have her make this her entire life, even though she’s going to be a has-been in a couple of years.

Out of the top four, I liked Fighting Gravity the best. They could put on a Vegas act.

@Blueroses Yeah, I agree with all the points you made, but I like seeing all the stupid people at the start, seeing the good people that I really want to win, and then I just have to watch the finale to see if my favorite is going to win.

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I agree with both of you, really. I get bored of watching the drawn out process sometimes, but the show wouldn’t be the same without all of the oddballs and the people in the beginning just out to make a fool of themselves.

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The audition process is the fun part of the show. I wish it were more like watching a real talent show, though. I would enjoy watching the acts as if I were in the audience. I get dizzy with the zooming cameras and I don’t want to see the judge’s reactions while the act is performing. A lot of acts get put through purely on novelty or “cuteness”. If it’s a voting show, leave out the judge’s choice (I don’t really understand how that works) except for the one episode where they can bring back their favorite voted-out acts.

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@Blueroses that is really true.

The novelty/cutesy acts drive me bonkers. I feel like a lot of people get voted through way too far just because they have a sad story, or because they are adorable. I guess that is to be expected, but it bugs me.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Oh yeah. What is with putting through acts like Future Funk? Build them up for inevitable letdown because they’re freakin’ adorable? How is that good for a 6 year old?
Given that talent and enjoyment are subjective, I don’t mind adult acts that I don’t particularly enjoy going through to higher rounds just to keep ratings and controversy… it is a TV show… but leave the children out. The ballroom dancers were beautiful… let them compete when they are of age. It would be a completely different thing to see that girl stumble and then recover if I were watching local talent than to watch her sobbing on a world-wide stage. It made me feel awful to participate in watching a child fall. Everyone falls, but if it happens when you’re 12 and you are on television, where might that go?

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I completely agree.

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Michael Grimm won… and TV viewers lost!

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@Austinlad you don’t like him?

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Who did you want @Austinlad ?

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Hooray someone from Mississippi wins something!

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Fighting Gravity should have won!

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@Gamrz360 I know right. They were a vegas-y act. So many people would pay good money to watch them.

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