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Can you think of an example of irresponsible behavior that was rewarded?

Asked by TominLasVegas (1229points) December 30th, 2009 from iPhone

Octomom and her getting all that publicity and a reality show comes to mind.

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Any time Paris Hilton gets her ugly, skanky mug in the news.

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Octomom, aaargh. I hated myself for following her. I think of Paris Hilron.

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@syz you beat me by a heartbeat! Great minds and all that.

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Michael Vick regaining his career when he should have just been shot.

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Was Michael Vick irresponsible or outright cruel?

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True. What he did goes beyond mere irresponsibility into outright malice. I take it back. he still should have been shot.

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Obama-llama and his Nobel Prize.

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90% of the folks who end up on the covers of gossip magazines. Plus, an awful lot of the average joes and josephines who are now turning to cheating because, contrary to the old saying, cheaters can and do prosper, and they rarely get caught.

Check this out:

“Cheating, argues author David Callahan, is no longer the exclusive purview of lowlife criminals, slick hucksters, and shady characters with ace cards shoved in secretive places. Now everyone’s doing it and because everyone sees everyone else doing it, they keep on doing it. Callahan says the trouble begins in America’s brutally competitive economic climate, which rewards results and looks the other way when it comes to the ethical and even criminal transgressions of those who come out on the winning end. Certainly there is no shortage of examples of cheating from the business community, and Callahan nimbly dissects the dishonest actions of the usual suspects (Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing) to demonstrate how that same mentality extends out to our educational system, amateur and professional sports, the news media, and even the lives of common citizens who, while they would never think of themselves as being cheaters, are nevertheless inclined to commit the occasional act of beneficial fudging. And while honesty is a nice ideal, Callahan says that cheaters cheat because, contrary to oft-repeated axioms, cheaters win: the chances of being caught are shrinking as are the punishments meted out should one be nabbed, and the benefits of a successful cheat far outstrip any potential threat. Further, Callahan posits that otherwise upright folks who would not cheat are drawn into the practice out of fear that they simply won’t be able to make it in modern society otherwise.” —John Moe

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When Mossad executed John F. Kennedy they accomplished their goals precisely, a nuclear Israel (supported by Lyndon Johnson), and the elimination of challenges to the U.S. Federal Reserve.

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Any time the people of FOX lie or manipulate footage to make Obama look bad, when in actuality what they are showing usually the exact opposite of what is really happening.

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George W. Bush campaigned on lowering taxes for the rich, because the economy was in such great shape.
Then the economy hit a bump, and we had a small recession.
GWB then campaigned on lowering taxes for the rich to help the economy.
He was elected, and he lowered taxes on the rich.
Then the economy went way south.
He then wanted to make his tax cuts permanent. He campaigned on it, and was reelected.
Then the economy went into the toilet worse than any time in the last 70 years.

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On June 8, 1967 Israel attacked the USS Liberty, a US Navy ship in international waters, and murdered 34 US Sailors.

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John and Kate plus Eight. I mean really? Some people are just too wrapped up in what’s not theirs to be wrapped up in.

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