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What causes hot feet in bed?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26784points) September 25th, 2010

Weird question, I know. My feet always get hot when I go to sleep at night, sometimes it feels like they are burning. They are physically warm to the touch, so it isn’t just a sensation. It is not my toes, mostly it is the soles of my feet. I am not diabetic. It has been this way for as far back as I remember, my doctor never looked into it any further after ruling out diabetes. I am 28 and healthy… is this really as random as it seems?

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I get this all the time. I just have a fan running and hang my fee out.

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It may be random, but I am following this question with interest because I have the same issue! People who’ve shared beds with me have thought it very amusing that I have to sleep with my feet outside of the covers. I also know that burning, radiating heat sensation.. it’s very unpleasant at times and makes falling asleep impossible. I’ve had to get up and soak my feet in cold water.

I would love to know why this happens, too!

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@MissAnthrope I actually have had this problem since high school. So I will pay a lot of attention to this question as well.

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My feet usually start cold at the beginning of the night (in winter anyway) and end up so hot I have to kick off the covers down there.

I always assumed it had something to do with blood flow. In the evening, walking around with bare feet, your body pulls the blood inward to keep the central organs warm. Later on, after you’ve been quiescent for a number of hours, there’s extra energy to warm up your feet. And then they get too hot.

I’m just making that up. I hope the real answer is related to that.

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Actually, @wundayatta, I believe you’re pretty close. If your feet are cold, it usually has to do with poor circulation. So I would assume that your feet being hot means that your circulation is good.

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I have the same problem. I have to regularly hang my feet out, tuck them back in, and then tear the covers off before my feet melt all over my sheets.

It’s a curse.

but I think it is caused by how our head and our feet are a big part in how we release heat. In the winter, we wear hats and socks to keep ourselves warmer. When we are sleeping, and heat is being released through our head and feet, our face is not under the covers, but since our feet are- they are stuck under the blanket and getting all the released heat caught up in the covers.

I’m really just guessing, haha, but I hope that somewhat helps?

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My daughter has this. I would like to know too. I am the opposite cold feet.

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The problem is: Good circulation. It’s a great problem to have, as those with poor circulation and diabetes later in life are more likely to lose their feet. While of course, like the rest of we hot footed folk, might often seek comfort by having your feet hang out from the end of the bed, the one fun thing about hot feet is sharing them with a cold-footed sweetie under the covers.

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usually happens when i have a warm middle section and warm head

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Some nights it is such a bother that I will put a cool, damp washcloth over my feet just so that I can get some sleep. It is a nuisance! But kind of a relief to hear that it is most likely just good circulation, that’s okay with me. :)

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I started on a new herb and it caused this. I stopped the herb and it never happened again.

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My only explanation is my body heat escapes from my feet mote than any other part of my body.

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@zwingli I have heard of that also. Why it more then other times though?

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Maybe we are just more aware of it at night? I mean who really notices how feet their feet are when they are walking? We just accept they are hot.

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No, this definitely only happens when I lay down in bed. For me, anyhow.

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Maybe you should develop some type of socks that will keep your feet cold.

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