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How would you design a Time Machine for a Sci-Fi movie?

Asked by ETpro (34480points) September 26th, 2010

Jules Verne is often credited as a Science Fiction author who was amazingly gifted at conceiving things that would actually come to pass in the not too distant future. To be fair, his method of getting to the moon, firing an astronaut there inside a giant canon, wasn’t very practical. Any gun that accelerated a projectile to escape velocity within its barrel would certainly produce so much inertial force on the astronaut it would turn him into drained hamburger. Pick any author you wish, or outdo them all.

Imagine you have the budget, and are responsible for the at least supervising the set design and plot development. How is your time machine going to work? What is it going to look like. Be creative. DeLoreans are off the table. :-)

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I would create an entangled wormhole with both ends here in the solar system. Then I’ll accelerate one at .999 C to a nearby star. When one end arrives at its destination, time dilation will have caused the other end to be at a different time, so by going through the wormhole, you’ll go back in time. Of course, you can’t go back in time to before the wormhole was created.

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A great big Grandfather clock. Big enough for controls & just enough room to lay comfortably in the “cockpit.” A single seater machine, no passengers.

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So this is a little off subject, but it seems appropriate enough. Long ago I hit on a surprisingly simple formula for building a real time machine and as it turns out, it’s pretty simple. Here is the two step process, but let’s keep it between us for now.

1) Build a Time Machine
2) Go back in time and tell yourself how you did it.

Not sure if that helps. I’ll be back later with a more on-topic response.

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I’d stick a flux capacitor in an old DeLorean

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Sure, a flux capacator and an old DeLorean will get the job done easy enough, but don’t be a slave to the status quo. I’d use a Lotus Evora, myself…

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I’d want my time machine to be an app on my iPhone.

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@HungryGuy Excellent proposal. I’d guess that going back so far the wormhole hadn’t been created might be bad for the time traveler’s health.

@ucme Sounds like H.G. Wells The Time Machine.

@crazyivan Ha! That has a good chance of working. But it is going to take a little time.

@talljasperman Works for me! :-)

@RareDenver Sorry, no DeLoreans allowed. See the last line of the question details. Besides, @HungryGuy is right. The Lotus Evora is a much sexier looking ride. :-)

@Austinlad Great idea. A downloadable Time Machine.

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Already on it. I’m just waiting for my future self to tell me how to do it.

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