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What's the easiest way to get a shy girl in my arms?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) September 27th, 2010

okay, I like shy girls some may know, some may not, but I’m not attracted to the out going and really….enthusiastic ones…They sorta irritate me. But I like shy girls period. And since of that, what would most likely be the easiest way to get her in my arms or with me? Any tips or what you think might work? Maybe you’ve tried something and it worked out like a charm, mind sharing it? I’m a shy guy so I’m still trying to get use to being outta my shell. But what are some tricks,tips, advice or anything else for this?

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1) Find out what she’s afraid of. Phobia over simple fear is best. Example: arachnophobia. Plant a spider or two next to her. Be the only person around when you do this, preferably in an area where she can’t just run. She’ll jump straight into your arms.

2) Wear a tshirt that says “Free hugs” and just hope she gets the hint. Possibly buy 7 shirts like that and wear one everyday. She might just give you a hug to get you to wear something else.

3) Tell her you’ve had a terrible day and you would just really appreciate a hug

Seriously though, what is this “get her into my arms” nonsense? Just talk to her like a normal human being. Be interested in her rather than just her body. If you like her as a person and she feels the same about you, she’ll let you know somehow. Follow that hint, ask her out, and everything else will fall into place eventually.

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Say your cute. Want to go out?

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If she is into you, she will jump into your arms without you needing to employ devious methods. If she isn’t that into you, it isn’t going to happen even if you employ devious methods.

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Chocolate sheet cake.

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Tell her that you’re the most sophisticated, knowledgable, experienced, educated, romantic, sensitive and literate thirteen-year -old (perhaps) on fluther.

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Invite her to study with you at the library. Sit next to her at the table. Let your foot “accidentally touch hers.

I know it’s quaint. No one knows what a library is any more. Just tell her it’s a big adventure into the way people used to do things.

It helps if the shy girl likes books and studying.

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Come on Vincent!, Just talk to the freaking girl and get to know her. If she likes you and you like her then whatever is going to happen between you two is going to happen so stop fuzzing about it :P
Good Luck and let me know if she fell into your arms :P

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All shy girls like the same thing. That’s a given. So now you just need a motorcycle and a beard. You’ll be a shoe-in!

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Approach her slowly, give her a smile that says ‘you are interesting to me’.

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@rooeytoo Your statement is very true.

@Vincent_Lloyd I’m having a similar problem myself right now so if I suck at this then I am not going to be much of any help here. I will tell you one thing, not all shy girls are the same trust me on this one. Do you sense she likes you in anyway? Don’t go too far if there is a lack of interest on her part. At least the girl I like has shown me some interest and even struggled to talk to me first but I’m still debating whether I want to try another date so soon after the last one not turning out great not too long ago.

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This takes either alittle time or alot depending on the shy girl. The best way to get a girl that matters, is to be yourself and just keep trying till you find one that excepts that, my friend. If that doesnt work I have personally learned that laughter, if flirtatious, is just that charm that gets every girl with a sense of humor excited. In short make her laugh and just be real man. And sometimes, definitely not always, be nice, dont be the nice guy but be nice. You will always “win points” if you make a comment about a girls shape that she likes herself, establish the connection of which you both agree. Once you’ve won her over mentally just let your body, naturally do the talking, and she’ll make the choice to go into your arms. When you learn enough about a chick you dont have to think of what to say, you just feel. Feel a girls energy, mentally speaking, read her thoughts from how she reacts physically. Dont think to much though, stay confident, girls small fear. And finally dont put the girl on the pedestal, she’s not some greek goddess…....yet but wait till you know enough to make that judgment. Every guy thinkin about girls has been here at some point in their lives. Hope I helped.

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Make her feel important,when in lunch(and make sure she hears) say to your friends hey today im gonna sit with her. It happned to me and it was really cute! Or you should try to make her come out of her shell by trying to be funny. Try all different types of jokes till you see her giggle some guy tryed it on me and now he makes me laugh all the time

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Earn her trust, help her, talk to her. Just try to earn her trust and eventually she will begin to like you. Don’t be mean to her.

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