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What is the sound track in hollister?

Asked by tj1217 (2points) March 29th, 2008 from iPhone

all songs

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I don’t think there is a sound track in hollister. It’s just a collection of songs from different artists. If you look on the screen by the register it tells you the name of the song that’s playing and the artist’s name.

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I think if someone works there they can bring in a mix cd if they want to, otherwise they just have random songs or popular ones playing.

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Every month they compile a list of “popular songs” and sends them out to each store, so every store has the same music. The employees are not aloud to bring in their own mixes and play them during store hours because this goes against the employee handbook.

But to find out what the music playing is, you can go in the store and they have a dedicated LCD screen with all the artists,albums and song info, including the playlists. Also if you go to you can hit play hollister co music and that is the same playlist/soundtrack that is playing at hollister, than all you have to do is go through the list and find your song!

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