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What is the proper way to help a turtle that you spot in the middle of a busy road?

Asked by spendy (1446points) March 29th, 2008

Some say not to help it across…something about disorientation. Others say not to put it back where it started – it will only cross again. Some even say, put it back where it started and face it away from the road – turtles are stupid and they’ll think they’ve just crossed and keep crawling away. Any thoughts?

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When my folks went to Barbados the guides or whomever said to move them to the side of the road consistent with the direction they were traveling.

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Put the turtle in your car and take it to a pond.

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Or you could ram all the other people on the road untill the turtle made it across.

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Never thought of the ‘ole pond trick…nice! :)

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Personally, I agree with trogdor, take it to a pond or something.

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What your suppose to do when you see a turtle trying to cross the road you do what kevbo said to do move it to the other side in the direction that it was crossing

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Here in spring we find snapping turtles creeping across back
roads all the time. Luckily there is very little traffic and everyone stops to assist. Snappers aren’t named that for nothing so one uses a long (very long) stick and relocates the turtle after he attaches himself to the stick. For the little painted turtles, we simply pick them up and drop in a field or drainage ditch.

If there were two lanes of traffic whizzing by, I don’t know what one would do.

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I think you should put it on the side of the road it was headed for. I say this because I had a gopher tortoise in my yard once, and even tho I took it two miles away to keep it away from my dogs, he came back two weeks later. I know this because I painted a happy face on his shell to identify him.

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@scamp- it took him two weeks to get back!? damn. he really wanted to be in your yard, hahah

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I was amazed by that myself. He was one determined little guy!

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We live in an area where there’s nesting going on all over,with a variety of species(north fl), we make it a habit to stop, put on the flashers, check the traffic, move the turtle to the side they were heading towards and move on. By the way scamp, that turtle will nest in your yard it’s whole life span it it possibly can. Pretty cool if you think about it.

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