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Why is Lohan afraid of jail? Is jail that bad?

Asked by longtresses (1332points) September 27th, 2010

Obviously I’ve never been in one.

Maybe the food looks like cafeteria food, and the bed is not as soft? But you’re pretty much free inside there to read or exercise or whatever?

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Compared to her spoiled life, yes, jail is bad.

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Yes, I’d assume jail is bad. If not, it would not be a punishment.

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Jail is not freedom.

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she’ll be isolated and be absent of outside stimuli. and she’ll be forced to face the consequences of her actions. It’s hard for someone like her to do the work to look inward.

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Drugs and alcohol are not readily available jail. Especially if you are in solitary, as I assume she is. As a celebrity, she becomes a target for anyone in jail wanting to make a name for themselves.

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Jail is a very present reminder that you have been misbehaving. People don’t like to be told that.
Plus, everything above.

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and the food is bad, and you don’t shower everyday, and the lights are on 24/7 so it’s hard to sleep. and it’s noisy. there are enough crazies yelling all the time.


Because she won’t be able to act like a spoiled, irresponsible, carefree, pouty brat anymore?

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Points taken:

1) life in there is not comfortable (bad food, less shower, hard to sleep, it’s noisy)
2) you might be targeted and bullied, but probably not; this is not a war prison
3) you’ll be isolated from the world, but if you’re an inward-looking person, you’ll get by

Sounds like an army life to me except no. 3.

It’s just a minimalist kind of living plus rowdy inmates.

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@longtresses sounds like my university dorm…without the harassment..after 2 years I went nuts…remind me not do break the law

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I’ve never actually been in jail but when I was 18 I got to sit on a very hard bench adjacent to my city jail’s holding cell and I decided that that was about as close as I ever wanted to get to the actual “total jail” experience. I bet the real jail actually sucks big time. There are people who like to tell themselves that criminals have it easy and are provided with a beds and TV and three meals a day but I would like to see any of them give it a try if they think it is so goddam easy and comfortable. Anyway, That being said, I myself, don’t ever want to go to jail and do my very, very best every day to see that it never happens to me.

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My mom was in jail for about 11 years. I talked to her about this. The guards beat the shit out of people for no reason. There isn’t really anything you can do. The food is trivial when someone can walk up to you and beat you because their husband was a dick at breakfast and they know you have no recourse.

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@talljasperman i get the picture now… like the college dorm. =)
@lillycoyote insightful, thanks
@johnpowell so there’s no real sense of protection/empowerment there.. I guess 3 months in prison will damage your confidence.

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Compared to what she is used to I would say yes, if jail sucks for the average person imagine what it would be like for someone like her.

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I’d bet that Lohan, who seems to drag media attention along with her, would get pretty good treatment in prison.

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@Nullo I was thinking the same thing but I forgot to mention it. You are most likely correct here.

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@Nullo I think she already left jail

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A couple of months ago, my friend walked into his house to find fifteen cops waiting to arrest him. His wife claimed he made “terroristic threats” to her.

They picked him up and carted him off to some jail way up in the farthest part of the city. He stayed there a week. He came out with bruises over most of his body. He’d lost quite a few teeth, and now, it turns out, some kind of skin infection.

His wife is a very convincing liar, and the ADA has no case, and he is cut off from his child, and he still has lost his teeth. His bruises have healed, as far as I know. He’s working on the skin thing with a Dermatologist.

I am not relating to you the tale of what actually happened to him in the jail. It is too gruesome for me.

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@wundayatta See, somebody should write a book or make a documentary on jail experience, so that there wouldn’t be people like me asking this question.

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Lohan is afraid because she knows how it could be. she has been in the spotlight since she was a kid and has always been pampered. There are some mean women in jail and im pretty sure they will get a peice of her before lohan leaves jail. and i agree with everyone else on this topic.

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