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How do you handle brown noser's?

Asked by Moegitto (2305points) September 28th, 2010

I work around at least 4 cliques. Most of the cliques have NCO’s (I’m military). Some of the other soldiers pretty much sniff brown all day everyday and act WAY differently around the nco’s then when we’re alone or just soldiers hanging out. One of these D’bag’s is/was/? a friend. Does anybody think I should break off the friendship now before I eventually get into an altercation with him?

Before anybody says, I already brought it up to him about him being “fake” as you would say.

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join or seperate, but you need to make the choice. Is your friend worth having to be a member?

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Self-preservation perceived.

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Unfortunately, the brown nosers are the ones who will get ahead. I never could bring myself to act in that manner. The ones who I watched and held in contempt pulled it off and mostly did very well.

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Smile at your enemies,it fuck with their heads.

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Why do you care what others do? Focus on your own performance.

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@marinelife has it right.
I eat brown-noser alive—all except their noses— ;)

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You let them kiss your ass. Let them do what they do best.

Or just blow them off. But remember sometimes we all have to kiss some ass.

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I don’t really deal with them, I just ignore them, even in the workplace, unless I actually have to talk to them.

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A friend would not hold a friend in contempt for them doing what a job or career might ask or require them to do to move on and upwards in life. To each their own…and if what your friend is doing to achieve his goals doesn’t wash with your style then I would wish him well and move on in your own direction.

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Friendships don’t usually survive a change in status of one member, so that one is now the other’s boss. It’s very difficult to do. You’re still his boss when you’re off the job. That never stops. He has to be careful. He can’t presume on your friendship. Just the opposite in fact. You are more likely to be hard on him to prove you aren’t playing favorites.

Get used to it. Becoming a friend’s boss usually costs you the friendship. You are going to have to be professional with him and find friends amongst your own rank. You don’t have to blow him off. The issue is yours, not his. You have to find a way to get comfortable with the idea that you are no longer one of the guys. It is their job to do what you say, and that never stops, especially not in the military.

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The best way to deal with that sort is to concentrate on your own behavior and not be concerned with others.

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Separate yourself from the fakery without being rude or pissing anyone off. Your relationship with this friend may have to become cool and businesslike. It’s not worth getting into a fight in a military environment.

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