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How do you deal with the day that leaves you drained?

Asked by sleepdoc (4695points) September 28th, 2010

So you are at work and it has been one of those days. You look over at the clock thinking it must nearly be time to go, only to realize that there is an eternity still left at work. What do you do?

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When I get home after I’ve been drained, then I drink until I’m refilled.

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Apparently you found part of the answer; log in to the collective! Play some games online. Send some text messages. Order out some special coffee!
You have options that so many of us do not, I should think that you might avail yourself of them now and then! Or, you could…..GET BACK TO WORK YOU SLACKER! ;-)

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A fast shower and a two cups of hot, strong, black coffee always brings me back to fun time.

I have also done this, while at work. cops sometimes have to work 24 hr. days.

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Short meditation session
A bit of exercise
And Fluther!

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I go to sleep, doc.

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If I’m still working and feel drained, I take a break. I listen to music, have a snack or stumble online. If it’s the end of the day and I’m feeling drained from work, I would do some of those same things. Maybe take a shower and just relax and allow my brain to shut down.

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Guess I should have been a coffee drinker

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@ChazMaz See, I had considered mentioning internet porn, but made a couple assumptions and decided against it. (snickers behind hand)

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I drink. Like today…. I had a major disappointment. Something that effected me directly, but was NOT my fault at all…. I’m angry. Not eating… but having a few beers and HOPEFULLY going to be able to sleep.

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I put one foot in front of the next. I do what I have to do. Sometimes I really, really want a break, but I start doing the next thing, and then I get involved, and I’ve forgotten how drained I am. Funny how that happens.

What happened @cazzie? Are you ok?

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Cazzie, you know the alcohol is just a crutch for you, right? sorry for your disappointment. you will be okay.

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Yeah… It’s just so that I can sleep…. I don’t get really drunk… I stick to just a couple beers, after the kids go to bed, so i can sleep…. It’s me that gets up the next morning and sees to everyone’s needs… there is no one else… just a lump on the couch that snores occasionally and has ruined my credit rating. OH, and during the day… when I’m angry.. I walk. Tomorrow.. I’ll still be angry, so I’m meeting a friend for a pilates class.

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@cazzie – Dump the lump.

Looze the booze.

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Everyone’s a critic. Walk a mile in my shoes.

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I work 9–15hr shifts so I’ve got a bunch of stuff I do to keep me awake and going.

Email friends
Mah Jong
poetry website
pay bills
Text my bf

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If I can’t do anything but crash, I crash. After I get home, though. Not before. When I’m that wrecked, I can’t eat or do anything else until I’ve napped a little.

There have been numerous times when I’ve fallen asleep at red lights while driving home from work, sometimes two or three times in a twenty-minute trip. Don’t do that.

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Usually I like to make some Hot chocolate since it snows 9 months out of the year here, change into comfy clothes (i.e sweats and a sweater) sit on the soft couch and just relax and read a book…quiet is what I like

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A shower or bath followed by lotion all over, soft clothes (or no clothes) and letting myself nap, read, write, veg out with a movie. The best is to have my partner with me to snuggle down, nap, murmur to each other and rub toes until we feel like superhuman adults again.

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Going to sleep, taking a nice shower, making dinner, relax and watch a good movie…. If I’m really really drained I’ll probably just fall asleep.

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