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I need help finding a website that I can share/post amusing funny stuff?

Asked by Mat74UK (4662points) September 28th, 2010

I currently use a website called Sharenator to post/comment on amusing/interesting things but lately it has become overrun by trolls and kids.
If I stay on there any longer I run the risk of getting into an internet argument (and we all know how futile they are) or be accussed of grooming someone and I want neither of those.

So: Where can I share or post amusing and interesting things with other adults?

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Maybe you should start a blog? There are a ton of free blogging websites, just search for one. I believe WordPress is a good one.

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@Discobitch – I visit there often but it’s not quite what I was looking for. Check out the above link and look for Math’s profile then you’ll get an idea.

@erichw1504 – I have thought of this, does it take much time to initially get a blog running?

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@Mat74UK Should be as simple as creating an account, designing the blog (colors, theme, layout…), and then uploading pictures or typing your entry in each time.

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I use fluther for all my humour needs. Post something here.

And what’s “accussed of grooming someone ”. That made me laugh. Thanks.

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@zen_ – A post on the site has just asked for ages and man, now I feel old, I gotta get off there. It was a good years worth of humour.

@erichw1504 – I’m seriously considering this now. I just need to find the best free blog site.

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@Mat74UK Blogger seems like a good one.

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@erichw1504 – Thank you very much, that’s one option.

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I use Blogger as well. It’s easy to use. Why not check out their tour?

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Sensible Erection might be a good one to post your stuff.
Be aware though, there is also NSFW stuff on it.

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@Mat74UK For a quick, short blog focused mostly on pictures or something, tumblr may be better than blogger. The community would be easier to jump into without full text posts.

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Grooming like combing another’s hair, or grooming like preparing them for sexual slavery?

Also, I second tumblr. It’s not as follower-based as Blogger or Wordpress.

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