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Do you like the community feel of Fluther, or view it more as just a standard Q&A site?

Asked by ucme (50047points) May 12th, 2014

Like walking the plank, straightforward stuff.

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Definitely the community feel. I have a lot of peeps I enjoy PMing and sharing views and ideas.

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It is the community first, and trusted answers second. Sure, we really don’t know each other but in a way we know each other better than a lot of people in the real life.
I actually care about people here. ~(Not you of course. And I’d expect similar feeling from you.)

Also I highly respect the answers from certain people here.

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@LuckyGuy LMAO. I had a similar thought about the op but I couldn’t come up with as good a way of phrasing it.

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I feel the community here. Yeah, I get to know and maybe befriend with some here. This site is far more than just a Q&A site. It’s like a social site as well.

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@LuckyGuy & @Adirondackwannabe Feel free to throw in irrelevant negativity why dontcha?
@Mimishu1995 That probably reflects the vast majority of jellies views on this place

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@ucme Sure any time. We always enjoy pulling your chain.

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We? All girls together then, now be quiet, there’s a thread to get back to…

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Community feel.

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A question about community feel has descended into a thread involving community groping.

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I love and hate the community part. Hate because in every community there’s always a handful of people that contribute nothing good, or stir the pot, or are in-your-face know-it-all folks.

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I really like the community feel.

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Depends on what you mean by community feel. I find Fluther to be very cliquish and inhospitable towards newbies. It was that way when I joined over 4 years ago and still that way today.

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It is a Q and A site. It sometimes has a community feel to it, because political correctness is a fairly common value here, and lack of it is often regarded as a vice. Also, as stated above, it is tough on newbies.

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Wait a second, you want me to answer this like it’s some big love fest?

:) I think the reason Fluther is successful in how it operates is that there is a bit of community feel to it.

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I like the feel the community.

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Well, we certainly fight like we’re family.

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I like it, but I must say more often than not, it feels like we’re all stuck in one house and boarding up the windows against a zombie invasion.

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@Symbeline I don’t think we boarded up the windows in time. They’re in here with us.

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Yeah, some get in…I got a PM lats night. I was all happy and it made me all warm and fuzzy feeling; I click on the PM, and it’s spam! Gaah! Nooes!

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I like the community aspect of Fluther. I think it would be weird and clinical if there was not the community feeling. I have a lot of folks on here that I feel like I can trust and who share a common sense of humor with. Sometimes I can tell the folks on Fluther things that I could never tell my peeps IRL, because it would just cause a lot of hurt/confusion. To a certain extent, because most of us don’t know each other IRL, but we still have a real “relationship” although a quite different kind, it is very nice.

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@Kardamom Heh yeah. I like how I can come in here and scream glory to the ice giants of Jötunheimr and it’s normal. Whenever I do that at work people are like, dude, dafuq?

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I do like the community feel, although to be honest there is less of it these days, for me anyway.

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I would cross the street to avoid certain jellies, some are just fucking weird, plain & simple.
There are a few though who I like a lot, because they’re basically chilled out bastards like me.
Never bought into the community vibe, nowt wrong with that, just not my cup of tea.

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To me this site is a community and there are few members I like and a few I don’t like. I enjoy most of my time on this site and prefer it above any other sites. I honestly prefer fluther above Facebook and other well known sites. Thanks to fluther my English improved a lot, there’s not much English speaking people where I am living. What I love about this site is that you can save a lot of time getting good answers to almost anything. I respect sometimes the answers that are given by some jellies because you can see that they are well educated persons with good moral standards. Sometimes I find that I miss a few jellies if I haven’t seen them for a while. I know it’s weird but I have grown fond of many jellies and I admire them for their intellectual wisdom and knowledge. I think personally fluther is not just a Q&A website or a community this site is a positive and necessary contribution to the world…

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I like both the community feel and I like using it as a “go to” for answers or searching.

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I like it for the community. If Fluther weren’t around, I wouldn’t go looking for another Q&A site to join.

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It has a community feel to it. Contributors bare their souls at times. I have also had some very helpful answers to questions I have asked.

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I like the fact that I can trust an answer, because I’ve seen the jelly in question consistently answer kindly and thoughtfully. I know who to go to advice for. The Q and A part is vital, too. I’m not sure I would be brave enough to just PM a member I know and trust. Because we are all allegedly here to ask and answer questions, asking for help feels natural.

I also enjoy the banter between members, sometimes. I like that people know each others’ family situations and grievances. Fluther feels very real because of that.

So, in short: Both.

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Oh Long Johnson

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^ Love that. I’m chuckling as I type! :]

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We should give that a name, “chyping” or “tickling”

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“Chyping”. “Tickling” is taken, you know?

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I’m not here particularly because I want questions answered, or because I want to answer questions. I like the community.

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Mariah!!! Yelled out in the voices from the cast of the TV show Cheers.

You’re probably too young to know the reference

Basically it just means that you’re here and we’re thrilled to have you. Haven’t seen much of you lately.

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We like you too, @Mariah ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Do I like the community here, or is it just a standard Q&A site? Do I really have to choose?

I choose both.

I have become friendly with a handful of jellies, and I’m glad of that.

I got truly invaluable assistance from one jelly over the course of months regarding an important issue. This jelly went well above and beyond the call of jelly duty to get me valuable information.

I also have occasional questions seeking information, and I’m grateful I have a place to come and get answers with personal information that I can’t get from Google.

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@Cruiser I find Fluther to be very cliquish and inhospitable towards newbies

I agree with you, in some ways… I think I did encounter this too but everything then as I put it just came down to my faults :p

Now that I think of it… I myself sometimes a bit harsh to new jellies too :( A sincere apology to newbies :(

@Kardamom Sometimes I can tell the folks on Fluther things that I could never tell my peeps IRL, because it would just cause a lot of hurt/confusion. To a certain extent, because most of us don’t know each other IRL, but we still have a real “relationship” although a quite different kind, it is very nice.

Not to mention cultural difference too :p But at least I still get on well here, generally :)

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Hehe thanks y’all! Yeah I know I disappeared off the face of the earth for awhile! :o

See! This is what I’m talkin’ about! =

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Like the moderation here. The moderation is in moderation – doesn’t allow just about anything to be written like on Yahoo Answers but doesn’t unduly clamp down on people voicing their thoughts.

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Q & A site, but one of the better ones in my opinion. I also like the fact there’s no downvoting option like some people use to censor comments they don’t approve of, like on Quora and a few other sites I’ve frequented.

I do feel the community on here sometimes, but more times than not it’s usually their wrath. I guess I’m in too much disagreement with most users on here on too many issues, and politics isn’t the only thing that can divide people into combative factions I’ve discovered.

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Part of this “community” involves herding like bewildered cattle, gossiping like old ladies & generally displaying extreme weakness of character…that, you can keep.

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@ucme That’s what makes this place beautiful :p

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@ucme Feeling pessimistic, much? It’s not my job to blow sunshine up everybody’s arses. Sure, there are squabbles, but I haven’t seen gossip, cattle mentality, or weakness of character. If anything we all have too strong of characters, and that leads to inevitable head-butting. That’s why participating in the fluff questions can help me get to know other people’s more personal sides. If all I answered were the tough questions I wouldn’t feel the community.

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Not in the least bit pessimistic, not in my nature, just a well established observation that’s pretty much accepted as fact. Maybe if you’d read it properly you’d have seen I said it was only a part of Fluther, the pessimistic, got nothing else better to do, moron element.
Not relating to arguments, those are bird feed & inevitable, just strange people whose soul aim is to snipe & spoil. Don’t bother me, but it’s there.

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It׳s fun here.

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Absolutely it’s fun, but some don’t know the meaning of the word…more fool them.

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Pop goes the weasel

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