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What are some name ideas for a japanese school club?

Asked by shadowofdeath (437points) September 28th, 2010

pretty much we are starting a school club focusing on culture, customs, language, etc. any ideas?

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Nihon Bunka Kurabu (Japan Cultural Club)

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Nihonsuki (I like Japan) It’s pronounced “Nihonski”.

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@hawaii_jake i like the name although its a bit hard to remember and or say. anything maybe a bit simpler?

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How about simply Nihon Kurabu (Japan Club)?

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i thought the same, but we still think it will be difficult for passing visitors to say and remember

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I would recommend a banner or sign for the club that used both English and Japanese. Hopefully, that would solve the language barrier.

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good idea. is there another word that can be used instead of kurabu?

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Otaku club (though that’s more for anime)

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@weeveeship yeah, we already have an anime club within the school.

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@shadowofdeath : It’s possible to use a character pronounced “bu” by itself. I’ve forgotten what the character looks like actually. Then the club’s name in Japanese would simply be Nihonbu.

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Find the most antithetical concept that you can, and call yourselves that. In Japanese.
I wish my school would’ve allowed an anime club. :\

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good ideas. thanks

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Super Smile Happy Japanese Fun Club


The Kin Kabuto Japanese Club. “Kin” means gold in Japanese, and “Kabuto” means helmet. So literally “Kin Kabuto” means “Gold Helmet”. I’ve always loved the word combination “Kin Kabuto” growing up as part of my Japanese heritage, but I never had a good use for it, as I was born and raised in the West. The words remind me of the black and gold helmets that Japanese Samurai Warriors used to wear in battle, you know with the two “horns” or “antlers” and the black face “mask”.

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@MRSHINYSHOES i love where you are going. although we are trying to appeal to an incredibly boring western audience


@shadowofdeath Oh. Well then, how about “The Ninja Club”? Pretty common there. Lol. (wink)

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Nihonjin Desu Ka

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