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How do i apply downloaded themes on my iPhone?

Asked by georgestg (23points) March 30th, 2008
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You must install the (application):
Once installed on your iPhone, you must search through the packages on the application you just installed on your iPhone until you find “Summerboard”

Once you install Summberboard, you can install themes located in the Summerboard Themes section of the on your iPhone.

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Thanks a lot man that was great!

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One more question, i did install the installer and the SummerBoard as well as Themes from SummerBoard but once i go to Themes is empty. i don’t get to any themes in it. Could you help with that?

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go to all packages and look for SB fix. (Summerboard fixer) then restart.

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let me know which themes are your favorites! I need to change my theme soon

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I don’t get SB fix on “all packages” anything I can do?

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sorry its under one of the tweaks smb fix ;p

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help!!!!!!!!!!!!! how do i get the app?

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